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Q: Is this Privacy Notice something unique to Ally?

A: No. Virtually all financial institutions utilize the same format and language as this notice, to provide consistency industry-wide. Customers will get the same type of notice from most banks or mortgage lenders with which they do business. Regulators developed the format of this notice to help you understand and compare privacy practices.

Q: Why do you need to share my information with companies outside of Ally? How do I know I'm protected?

A: To run our business effectively, we work with vendors for a variety of reasons (for example, sending emails on our behalf). All vendors must sign an agreement that limits how they use the data we share with them, and we evaluate their ability to protect your information.

Q: Why would you share my Social Security Number?

A: Anytime we share sensitive information like SSN, credit history, etc. it's for a very specific purpose (like approving you for financing), and we only share information that is absolutely necessary. This information will never be shared for marketing purposes.

Q: Can I limit what type of marketing communications I get?

A: Yes. You can control what types of marketing materials you receive from us. To learn more about how you can opt out of different marketing communications, please visit us at ally.com/privacy and click on our Manage My Privacy Preferences page.

Your privacy is important so if you have additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

  • Ally Bank - 1-877-247-ALLY (2559)
  • Ally Auto - 1-888-925-ALLY (2559)
    • American Suzuki - 1-888-895-7578
    • National and Nuvell Customers - 1-888-925-2559
    • US Customers Traveling or Living Abroad
      - 1-316-652-6430

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