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Preferred Stock

Name Ticker CUSIP Dividend Liquidation Amount
($ millions)
Issue Date Maturity Date Distribution
Fixed Rate/Floating Rate Perpetual Preferred Stock, Series A ALLYPRB1 02005N308 Fixed to Floating (8.500% through 15 May 2016; 3mL+ 6.243% thereafter) $6972 25 Mar 2011 Perpetual Feb 15
May 15
Aug 15
Nov 15
Fixed Rate Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock, Series G3 N/A 02005N605 7.000% $1,2884 15 Oct 2009 Perpetual Feb 15
May 15
Aug 15
Nov 15

1 Listed on New York Stock Exchange
2 $325 million of Series A preferred securities were repurchased on May 22, 2015
3 A new CUSIP was assigned in January 2012 replacing CUSIP: 36186R209
4 $1.3 billion of Series G preferred securities were redeemed on April 10, 2015

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