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Ally Invest API

Our API allows any developer to write fully featured trading and analytical application through their brokerage account. We provide the Ally Invest API to active clients who want to build a personal application, connect through a wealth management site or use third-party trading tools.

Our APIs include:

  • An HTML REST-based API that includes quote and trading data on a "request" basis

  • A socket-based API with a constant secure connection for pushing more data and information on a consistent basis

  • A FIX-based API for server-to-server connections for banks and large institutions

How are you planning to use the application?

Distributing to Others

Interested in distributing your application to existing and future Ally Invest clients?

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Personal Use

Current Ally Invest clients interested in building a personal application can log in to get started.

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What you should know.

We can’t allow API access that engages in algorithmic trading or automated order entry. In other words, you must be the one to enter individual orders, edits, and cancels, not the API. We’ll disable APIs deemed to be algorithmic or automated. Keep in mind that this may affect your ability to submit future APIs for consideration.

We allow access to real-time market data only if the registered application doesn’t initiate any calculations or use the market data to trigger or automate an order. An API user isn’t allowed to archive or store market data.