Can Your CD Interest Calculator Do This?

One Simple Tool Can Help You Make Your Money Work Harder

At Ally Bank, we know how important it is to you to make your money work as hard as possible. That's why we offer such a wide array of certificates of deposit, or CDs.

And not only do we offer rates that are consistently among the most competitive in the country, we make it easier for you to choose the CDs that best suit your needs.

Start with the Ally Bank CD Interest calculator. It's quick and easy to use: Simply choose the products you'd like to compare from the dropdown menu, enter the amount you're thinking of depositing, and the number of times you expect you might opt for a rollover. In no time, you'll see how hard our CD rates work for you.

Our Rates: What Makes the Ally Bank CD Interest Calculator Different?

In one sense, there's not much difference between our CD interest calculator tool and others you can find elsewhere online. But consider this: because our CD rates are so competitive, using a CD interest calculator is that much more interesting. It's like being able to test-drive a really great CD before you open the account.

While some banks are content to offer their customers CD rates that require a big deposit, we consistently offer the same great rates to everyone, and you can open and fund your account with any amount.

Moreover, our rates are competitive at every term we offer. So by researching other banks' CD rates and plugging them into our CD interest calculator, you can see how an Ally Bank CD might help your balance grow faster.

Use the Ally Bank CD Interest Calculator to see how our various CDs compare to one another, including our:

  • High Yield CD, which help maximize your earnings with daily compounding and competitive rates for the term you choose.
  • No Penalty CD, which allows you to withdraw all of your money after the first six days after funding your CD, with no penalties, and you keep all the interest.
  • Raise Your Rate 2- and 4-Year CD, which gives you an interest rate that is among the most competitive in the country and allows you to increase your rate once for the 2-year CD or twice for the 4-year CD, should our interest rates on these CDs rise.

Plus, every Ally Bank CD comes with our Ten Day Best Rate Guarantee, which gives you the option of a higher rate. Most banks offer only one - the one you get the day you fund.

Learn more about the our CD Interest Calculator and all or our CD products by visiting Allybank.com or by calling live customer care at 877-247-ALLY (2559), where we can answer your questions anytime, 24/7.