Comparing checking accounts is more complex than it used to be. Now that you can open a checking account online either at a traditional bank or with an online bank, there are more options available than ever.

Compare Features, Fees and Benefits

Comparing checking accounts comes down to finding the one that fits your needs. While most checking accounts usually will have what you consider to be "the basics," things like online access and a debit card, for example, it's the extra features, fees and benefits that can help you determine which is right for you.

To begin with, consider the convenience of being able to open a checking account online. Although it's a fairly common offering, not all banks have the capability, and among those that do, not all of them make it as easy as it could be. At Ally Bank, you can easily open an account either online or over the phone.

Cash incentives or a “free” prize when you set up the account may be important to consider as well, but don't let that obscure your view of the long-term trade-offs. If you'll end up paying a monthly maintenance fee, the "new customer" incentive may not be worth it. Instead of looking for gimmicky incentives, it might make more sense to consider interest-bearing checking accounts, which can give you more long-term value. Some banks don't offer interest-bearing checking accounts at all, and some charge a monthly fee unless you maintain a certain minimum balance.

Consider the Ally Bank Interest Checking Account

The Ally Bank Interest Checking Account features an interest rate that, based on the rates published by, is consistently among the most competitive available in the country. In addition, you get:

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