Manual transmissions were once the standard.  But as the demand dwindled in recent years and technology improved, they’ve only grown more rare.  Pretty soon, knowing how to drive a manual transmission may become a lost art.  But before going extinct, let’s address several of the most common misconceptions associated with it.


It seems far-fetched for would-be car thieves to avoid manual transmissions entirely. And guess what? It is.  The numbers simply don’t back up the myth that manuals are harder or less desirable to steal.  But that doesn’t keep this one from enduring in the minds of many.


Generally speaking, manuals are indeed cheaper than their automatic counterparts.  And because manual transmissions are less complicated, repairs are usually simpler and less expensive.  Although, it’s more likely an automatic transmission will last for the vehicle’s total lifespan, while most manual transmission cars require at least one pricey clutch replacement. 


It was once true that cars with manual transmission offered greater fuel economy.  However, in recent years cars in general have made greater strides in this department. This has helped to close the gap between automatic and manual transmissions in terms of fuel efficiency.  Nowadays, automatics are a fine choice for the environmentally conscious.

The Coolest

The concept of “cool” has been debatable for most of us since the about 7th grade. And which cars fall into that category is certainly no different. It used to be the case that the most popular supercars and sports cars were only available in manual transmission. But that too, like so much we’ve seen, has changed over time. Amazingly, in some cases, the opposite is true. One legendary Italian car company abandoned manual transmissions entirely a few years ago.  Something that would have been utterly unimaginable mere decades ago.

But it still comes down to the personal choice of each driver. As we’ve seen, the clear rationale for choosing manual transmission over automatic is simply not supported anymore. But as long as manual exists, there will be enthusiasts to press that clutch and shift.  Even if in the end, the ultimate decision comes down to nostalgia.

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