Do you daydream about transforming a 1920s bungalow from moldy to modern? Do you spend your time scouring Zillow for knockout deals? Maybe you’ve dreamed for years of buying a fixer-upper, maybe you had the idea five minutes ago — no matter where you are in the long-haul process of house flipping, this segment of Your Cheddar is for you.

Caroline Starnes is a bonafide house-flipper (and Ally’s director of digital transformation), and she’s sharing her tips and tricks for flips — as well as some of the challenges she faced when getting started. Watch the segment below for valuable intel (like catching red flags that won’t show up on a home inspection) on your next potential side hustle. Who knows? Maybe you’re destined to be the next Chip or Joanna Gaines!

Your Cheddar airs weekly on Cheddar at 9 AM EST on Wednesdays for a live segment on personal finance, sponsored by Ally.