Driving alone can be fun. However, like most of life’s greatest moments, those shared are just better. Anyone with a family who has taken road trips knows that these getaways are often equal parts joy and frustration. Let’s make trips a little easier and a whole lot more fun. Maybe. Here are a few suggestions for how to keep your kids stimulated and you relaxed. Drive across America together with a dash of #CarLove.


Nowadays, many kids spend a lot of time in front of screens. On second thought, so do many adults. How else are you reading this blog? Nevertheless, riding in the car should be an experience that puts the road on center stage – even for children not behind the wheel. There are lots of backseat games to stimulate even the most distracted child. Counting license plates, silos and cars by model or color are both fun and engaging.


America is full of amazing historical sites. After plotting your route, ask your kids if they have particular interests worth exploring. It’s possible the drive will intersect with a recent school curriculum. It’s one thing to learn about the Civil War in class, but much more impactful strolling through an actual battlefield.


The soundtrack is your choice. We think for family drives, musical selections should be made democratically. Take time to make a playlist beforehand and perhaps get your kids to enjoy some not so old “oldies.”


Even if your kids haven’t yet reached driving age, it’s never too early to begin imparting timeless road wisdom. Even though navigation systems are incredible, reading a map remains a useful skill to have in and out of the car.

What are some ways you occupy your kids in the car? How did you survive long drives growing up? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter. Keep the conversation going!