Though we can’t actually drive across water, notable ferry routes nearly allow for the possibility. Sometimes you just want to drive direct. Less how the crow flies and more how the salmon swims. But doing so means traveling across water – not going around it. Here are a few famous places that happily marry car travel and so-called “aqua routes.” What good is being on island time if you can’t get around when you want?

Martha’s Vineyard

This famous vacation spot is legendary for its prominence in New England as a jewel of the region. It also boasts a popular ferry from Woods Hole in Cape Cod near the famous Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

San Juan Islands

Washington state is known for a few things: rain, rain, and maybe Seattle. But the joke’s on people who’ve never traveled to the San Juan Islands. It’s not only green in the Pacific Northwest either – these islands prove that there is also a great deal of blue.

Lake Champlain

Vermont and New York have been state rivals for centuries. This dates back to the time when New Yorkers wanted the land of Green Mountains all for themselves. But the beauty of both states merges beautifully on Lake Champlain. Ferries allow drivers to cut directly from one side to the other. We’d recommend avoiding the winter months, though. It tends to gets pretty cold up north.

Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is not the largest Great Lake. But don’t question its grandeur in the presence of any Chicagoan or Michigander. Ferry rides across Lake Michigan are long and marvelous. You might even forget you’re on a lake. After all, it is really “great.”

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