There’s not much to love about returning home from a great vacation, aside from reuniting with the family pet. If you find you have a hard time getting back into the swing of things after time away, take a look at some tips we found that could help you out.


Build in an Extra Day (or Two)

If possible, arrange your schedule so you head back to work a couple of days after you actually arrive home from your vacation, suggests. The extra time will let you catch up on rest, do some laundry and mentally adjust to being back in the real world.

Check Your Accounts

Once you’ve had a moment to catch your breath, take a look at your bank account and credit-card statements to get an idea of just how much you spent on your vacation, says personal-finance site Gomestic. Be sure to keep an eye out for any unfamiliar transactions or charges.

Recover From Jet Lag

If your vacation was in a different time zone, you can cope with jet lag by staying hydrated and keeping your catnaps short — less than two hours, says Also, don’t take in excessive amounts of caffeine, alcohol or tobacco since all can further complicate your sleep pattern.

Focus on Diet and Exercise

Going on vacation often means putting your diet and exercise routine on hold. Gomestic suggests going vegetarian for a week to lose any pounds you packed on during your trip and to reduce your grocery bill. If hitting the gym full-force feels like too much, consider cutting the time of your first few post-vacation workouts, says


Now that you’re home, allow yourself some time to relax and catch your breath. Gomestic suggests tackling light projects around the house, catching up on TV shows you missed while you were away and preparing your home for the fall — and of course, you can always start thinking about that next vacation.

Where did you go on vacation this summer? How did you recover from your time away?