Calling all personal finance nerds! Test your financial IQ with this quiz. Watch out for those abbreviations. When you’re done, see how you rate against people like you.

What is the Ally Dejargonator?

When it comes to your money, everything is dollars and cents. But when financial experts start talking, do you struggle to make sense of what they’re saying?

Trust us, you’re not alone. “Bork, bork, bork…”

At Ally, we want you to feel comfortable and confident while doing your personal finances. So we’ve created the Ally Dejargonator to help decipher this mind-spinning verbiage. Simply hover over any word with a dotted underline anywhere they appear within our site and the definitions will appear.

We’re over 8,500 teammates committed to doing it right. That means tirelessly obsessing over you (not in a creepy way) and innovating to make a real difference. Let us know how we can do better in the comments section below!

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