Here at Ally, we’re always looking for ways to make banking a little better. We’ve already introduced a few innovations you might be using, like our Raise Your Rate CD, Sleeping Money alerts, and the 24/7 live chat feature on We know the only thing consumers like most—maybe even more than innovation—is the opportunity to be heard. And that’s why we’re excited to introduce Idea Share. It’s a new way for Ally customers, the personal finance community and anyone who cares about the future of banking to exchange suggestions on how Ally can improve.

We welcome you to participate in our Idea Share discussion on Facebook and give us your ideas on how you think banking could change for the better. We’re kicking things off by asking for your thoughts on Mobile Banking, Staying Connected, and Banking in the Future. Is there a way that using debit cards could offer you more benefits? Is there a feature that you wish came attached to every Money Market Account? Is there something missing from your banking experience? Now you can just click onto Idea Share to make your ideas known.

Idea Share will be around until mid- September, so make sure you head over to our Facebook page to join in this unique opportunity to share and discuss your ideas for a better banking experience. Our featured topics will change, so check back often. Tell us how we can create a better banking experience together.