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It’s getting hot in here. The S&P 500 is again approaching bear market territory (-20% or more).

The big swings, or volatility, in the market have intensified in the past two and a half weeks. In fact, the market has moved up or down by 2% or more almost half of the trading days over that period. That type of market action can make anyone feel sick.

These moves seem to be knee jerk reactions to very specific data points. This week, earnings reports from Walmart and Target led to concern over corporate profit margins and consumer resiliency. Many investors took the news as a sign to head for the hills. After digging into the reports, the concern seems to be overblown as these issues are likely specific to those companies, and less a sign of a broader trend.

But with investor sentiment in the driver seat and lower levels of trading volume, the result can be big market moves.

Volatility is likely to remain high over the coming months as the combination of geopolitics, inflation and direction of interest rates evolves. I know it’s hard to stick with your investing plans in times like these.

Just know that a key characteristic of the market is that some of the biggest up days are clustered right around the biggest down days. If you are not invested during those big up days, your total return over the long-haul will be negatively impacted. In other words, riding out the storm may work out in your favor.

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