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America Saves Week

Make your savings goals a reality, one day at a time.

America Saves Week is an annual celebration calling on Americans to commit to saving. We’ve mapped out a different smart savings step you take each day for a brighter financial future. Because one small step each day can make a big difference down the road.

Monday, 2/22. Save automatically.

The best way to develop lasting savings habits is to find a way to make them automatic. Our smart savings tools make it possible to develop a savings plan and actually stick with it, by removing the work on your end.

Savings buckets to keep your goals organized.

You can create up to 10 savings buckets in our Ally Bank Online Savings Account to represent your different savings goals. If you already have buckets, keep an eye out for an exciting new update coming to your account soon.

Image depicts a screenshot of Ally Bank Online Savings Account buckets.

Savings boosters to put your strategy on autopilot.

Recurring transfers

  • Set it and forget it. Move money into your savings on a schedule that makes sense for you. You can even distribute a recurring transfer across different savings goals with our buckets tools.

  • For instance, you can set up a recurring transfer of $200 a month, with $100 going to Emergency Savings, $50 going to Vacations, and $50 going to Tuition.

Round ups

  • We’ll track your Ally Bank Interest Checking Account for transactions we can round up to the nearest dollar. When you accrue at least $5 in round ups, we transfer it to your Ally Bank Online Savings Account.

Ready to start saving automatically? If you already have an Ally Bank Online Savings Account,  log in  to your account to get started. If not,  open an account  today to get access to our smart saving tools.

Learn More About Our Savings Tools

Tuesday, 2/23. Save for the unexpected.

Saving for the unexpected does more than just put your mind at ease – it helps keeps your finances in order when life’s inevitable surprises are thrown your way.

In our  Ally Bank Online Savings Account , you can create an Emergency bucket and set up a recurring transfer to move a certain amount of money into it each month. It’s an easy way to start building your emergency fund and watch it grow over time. 

Experts recommend saving six months' worth of expenses in your emergency fund. Use our Emergency Fund Calculator to figure out how much you need for your emergency fund and how much money you should be setting aside each month in order to accomplish your goal.

Calculate Emergency Fund
Image depicts a screenshot of the details section within buckets in an Ally Bank Online Savings Account.

Want to learn more about building an emergency fund? Check out these helpful resources.

Wednesday, 2/24. Save to retire.

Although retirement may seem far away, the sooner you start saving, the better prepared you’ll be. Whether you’ve been putting away money for years, or are just getting started, it helps to make sure your retirement fund is working as hard as you are. Explore our resources to make sure you’re on the right track.

Elevate your financial future with tips from our Ally Invest Digital Conference

On Feb 24th we hosted our Ally Invest Digital Conference: Elevate Your Financial Future. Industry experts shared insights on social trends shaping personal finance, the psychology of saving, and more. Not to worry, if you couldn't join us.

Watch the Recap

Take our 5-Week Retirement Challenge

Ready to kickstart your retirement plan? Sign up for our 5-week retirement challenge and take one simple step each week to ignite your retirement goals. The challenge begins March 8, so don’t miss your chance to sign up.

Sign Up for Retirement Challenge

Start saving now.

No matter what kind of investor you are or where you are in your journey, Ally Invest has account options for you.

managed portfolios

Robo-advisor that manages the investing for you

Start with as little as $100

No advisory fees on our cash-enhanced option.

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self-directed trading

Hands-on, do-it-yourself trading

Powerful investment platform and tools

In-depth market analysis and support

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Thursday, 2/25. Save by reducing debt.

Experts say the best way to get ahead financially is to pay down your existing debt. By paying off debt now, you’ll save money by accumulating less interest in the long run.

Trying to find out if refinancing your home loan is worth it?

With low interest rates, refinancing your home might be a good first step to saving money in the long run. You may want to consider switching to a shorter term (for instance, switching from 30 years to 15 years) or consolidating higher interest debt into a cash-out refinance. 

Use our calculator to see if refinancing makes sense for you.

Calculate a New Home Loan

Want to learn more? Check out these resources we’ve compiled to help you start tackling debt.

Friday, 2/26. Save as a family.

Start your kids off on the right financial foot by teaching them about money, saving, and setting goals. Having money conversations now means your children will be better equipped to make smart financial decisions later.

Resources for the whole family.

Family Goals buckets with various amounts for Emergency Fund, Education, Pets and Vacation

Get tips for saving as a family from financial expert, Mandi Woodruff.

Is your child ready to move beyond the piggy bank? Find the right savings account.

Explore fun resources designed to help your kids learn about money, from counting worksheets to coloring pages.

Check out children’s books and games designed to make learning about money fun.

Keep learning, keep saving.

Your passion for saving doesn’t have to end here. Learn more about how we can help you continue to make smart financial decisions, long after America Saves Week.

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