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The 1% cash bonus promotion has ended.

If you've already enrolled or opened an eligible Ally Bank account, be sure to complete the following steps to lock in your bonus. 

Cash bonus timeline.

  • Enroll or open an account by 10/26/2022. 

    Open an eligible Ally Bank Account or enroll by this date to get the cash bonus.  
    Note: The account opening and enrollment period for this cash bonus has ended.  

  • Put money in your account by 11/4/2022.

    Move at least $1,000 from another financial institution to a new or existing eligible Ally Bank account (Online Savings Account, Money Market Account or a CD). Remember, transfers can take up to three business days. 

  • Keep the new money in your account through 1/15/2023. 

    Your new money must remain in your eligible Ally Bank account through 1/15/2023. Keep in mind, any withdrawals made during this time may reduce your bonus. 

  • Get your cash bonus on or by 2/15/2023. 

    You’ll get a 1% bonus on the net new funds — up to $500 — on or by this date. 

Cash bonus FAQs.

For more information, visit our Terms and Conditions.