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Finance Products FAQs

  • Which financing option is right for me, buying, leasing, or Ally Buyer's Choice (ABC)?

    Each financing option offered by Ally has its benefits, and each works best for different individuals. See our comparison chart to find out which works best for you.

  • Am I responsible for taxes or fines, if any, imposed by a state or local government on the vehicle or my use of the vehicle?

    Yes, you remain liable for any taxes or fines a state or local government may assess on the vehicle or your use of the vehicle.

  • What do I do if my vehicle is repossessed?

    We'll send you a notice outlining how you can get your vehicle back after it has been repossessed. For details, contact the Redemption Center at 1-877-845-8862.

  • What happens if my financed vehicle is totaled?

    You're responsible for the balance on the account even if your vehicle is totaled.

    If you have no insurance:
    Please Contact Us so we can assist you.

    If you have insurance:
    Contact your insurance company to begin the claim process. After you've made your claim, please Contact Us to provide:

    • Date of loss
    • Location of vehicle
    • Mileage
    • Deductible amount
    • Claim number
    • Adjustor's name and phone number
    • Email address for the insurance company
    • Insurance company name
    • Physical street address and P.O. box address where the insurance company would like the title mailed
    • Any settlement amount