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My Auto Account FAQs

  • When are late charges assessed?

    Please refer to the payment schedule in your contract to see when late charges will be assessed. If you need to request a copy of your contract, call Ally Auto at 1-888-925-ALLY (2559) or log in to your Ally Auto Online Services account to contact us through the Message Center.

  • How do I make a vehicle payment online?

    The easiest way to pay online is through Ally Auto Online Services. To make a payment once you log in:

    1. Select Make a Payment from the My Vehicles page.
    2. Select the desired account and enter the date and amount.
    3. Verify and authorize your payment.

    You can also enroll in Auto Pay and have your payments automatically withdrawn from your account monthly. Auto Pay and one-time payments are also available using Ally Auto Mobile Pay.

    Online debit card payment
    You also have the option to make a one-time online debit card payment through a third-party service provider for a fee.

  • How do I access my auto finance account information online?

    Select Auto from the top of or log in to Ally Auto Finance.

  • How do I log in to Ally Auto Online Services?

    1. Select Log In from this page and choose Auto Login, or go to
    2. Enter your Ally Auto Online Services username and password.
    3. Select Log In.

    Don’t have an Ally Auto username and password? Enroll now.

    You can also enroll via our mobile app, Ally Auto Mobile Pay. Download for iPhone and Android.

  • Which internet browsers work best with the Ally Auto site?

    For best results, we recommend you use:

  • How are finance charges calculated on my Ally auto account?

    Finance charges are calculated on a daily basis at the Annual Percentage Rate on the outstanding balance of the Amount Financed.

    "Simple Finance Charge" Example:
    Outstanding Balance of Amount Financed = $20,000.00
    x Annual Percentage Rate divided by 365 (366 days if leap year) = x 5.75% / 365
    x number of days since last payment received = x 30 days
    Finance Charge = $94.52
    In this example, if Ally received a regularly scheduled monthly payment of $425.00, $94.52 would be applied to Finance Charges and the remainder of $330.48 would be applied to reduce the outstanding balance of the Amount Financed.

    Your first payment’s finance charge will be calculated from the contract date to the date we receive your first payment.

  • How can I reduce finance charges on my Ally auto account?

    You can manage the amount of finance charges you pay based upon the timing of your monthly payments. Typically, if you pay before your scheduled monthly due date (early), you'll pay less in finance charges and if you pay after your scheduled monthly due date (late), you'll pay more in finance charges.

  • How are payments applied to my Ally auto account?

    When we receive your monthly payment, we first apply it to earned and unpaid finance charges that have accrued since your last payment. The remaining funds are then applied to the outstanding balance of amount financed and to the other amounts you owe under your contract in any order we choose.

  • How do I make an online debit card payment?

    To make a one-time online debit card payment for a fee, you'll need to visit the third-party service provider.