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Commercial Finance FAQs

  • What does Ally Commercial Finance do?

    Ally Commercial Finance provides financing to meet the unique needs of equity sponsors and middle-market companies in North America. The business specializes in providing senior secured, asset-based and cash flow loans for midsize companies.

  • Does Ally Financial offer financing for consumers?

    Yes. Ally's lines of business also include direct banking, retail and wholesale auto financing and insurance products. Find out more at

  • What is the amount of a typical loan provided by Ally Commercial Finance?

    Typically Ally Commercial Finance is involved in transactions between $25 million and $250 million plus.

  • What types of businesses receive financing from Ally Commercial Finance?

    Typical clients include manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and service companies in a broad spectrum of industries including specialty areas such as healthcare, retail, and automotive.

  • Is Ally Commercial Finance affiliated with Ally Financial?

    Yes. Ally Commercial Finance is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ally Financial Inc.

  • How long has Ally Commercial Finance operated?

    Ally Commercial Finance has been a subsidiary of Ally (formerly GMAC) since 1998.

  • Where is Ally Commercial Finance headquartered?

    Ally Commercial Finance is based in New York and serves the North American market from cities throughout the United States.