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Ally Buyer's Choice FAQs

  • What is Ally Buyer's Choice and how does it work?

    Ally Buyer's Choice combines the advantages of buying and leasing – ownership with flexibility. With Ally Buyer's Choice, a customer’s contract term can be a minimum of 60 months up to a maximum of 84 months. The length of the term is determined at the time the customer initially signs the contract and is based on the customer’s vehicle selection and transaction.

    At the Special Prepayment Date (48 months into the contract), a customer has the option to:

    • Prepay by selling the vehicle to Ally at the predetermined price set at the time of signing an Ally Buyer's Choice contract rider (price is subject to a disposition fee and any excess vehicle wear and mileage charges; see the contract rider for details)
    • Do nothing and continue to make the scheduled payments

    Remember, customers can also trade-in the vehicles at any time during the contract. Ally Buyer's Choice is available for eligible GM, Chrysler and Mitsubishi brand vehicles, excluding the state of Nevada.

  • How does Ally Buyer's Choice differ from buying or leasing?

    Ally Buyer's Choice provides flexibility to fit lifestyle changes, giving customers the option to sell their vehicle to Ally at the 48th month of the contract. It puts the customer in control of the decision to keep or sell the vehicle at a predetermined price. And it can provide both shorter and longer-term vehicle ownership at the customer’s discretion.

  • How does Ally Buyer’s Choice benefit my customers?

    With Ally Buyer's Choice, your customers benefit from having:

    • Vehicle ownership
    • Mileage options that include 15,000 miles/year standard or 12,000 miles/year low
    • The flexibility to get a new vehicle more often
    • The ability to prepay the contract by selling the vehicle to Ally at the Special Prepayment Date (48 months into the contract)
    • A finance contract that can be paid down or paid off at any time without penalty
    • An Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and payments that remain the same for the entire term
  • What are the customer eligibility requirements for Ally Buyer’s Choice financing?

    To be eligible for Ally Buyer's Choice financing, a customer must:

    • Have prime credit in tiers S-C, with a FICO score of 620 or greater (credit bureau selected by Ally)
    • Finance an amount equal to the higher amount between the Ally Buyer's Choice vehicle price or $5,000
    • Purchase the vehicle in a state other than Nevada (where Ally Buyer's Choice is not available)
  • How does Ally Buyer’s Choice benefit my dealership?

    Ally Buyer's Choice provides:

    • Another financing option for you to offer your customers
    • A shorter buying cycle if the customer prepays by selling the vehicle back to Ally (similar to turning in a lease)
    • Incentive for customers to do more business with your dealership at the Special Prepayment Date (48 months into the contract)
    • Potential service and body shop revenue during pre-inspection
    • An opportunity to purchase used vehicles sold to Ally
    • Ally Dealer Rewards earnings for eligible standard-rate contracts
  • What are the eligibility requirements for Ally Buyer’s Choice financing?

    To be eligible for Ally Buyer's Choice:

    • Dealers must be affiliated with GM, Chrysler and/or Mitsubishi
    • Customers must have prime credit, tiers S-C, with FICO scores of 620 or greater; credit bureau selected by Ally
    • The minimum amount financed must equal the greater of $5,000 or the Ally Buyer's Choice vehicle price

    Ally Buyer's Choice financing is not available in the state of Nevada

  • Can an Ally Buyer’s Choice customer still sell the vehicle to Ally if the Special Prepayment Date (at the 48th month) has passed?

    No. A customer will not be allowed to use the option to sell the vehicle to Ally after the 48th month. However, since the customer owns the vehicle, the customer can investigate trade-in opportunities with their dealership or sell the vehicle to a third party.

  • What if the market value of the vehicle is higher at the Special Prepayment Date than the predetermined selling price?

    In such a case, the vehicle owner has the option to retain ownership of the vehicle and continue making payments or trade in the vehicle at the price negotiated with their dealership.

  • How do I calculate Ally Buyer’s Choice payments?

    The Ally Buyer's Choice Calculator can help you quickly and easily estimate an Ally Buyer's Choice payment and contract term.

  • How can I submit an Ally Buyer’s Choice application?

    Refer to the Ally Buyer’s Choice Dealer Administration Guide for application instructions.

  • Do you offer Ally Buyer’s Choice training?

    Yes. The course provides an overview of Ally Buyer's Choice, a product designed to offer the best features of leasing and retail financing.

    To enroll, visit Ally Academy. For your convenience, most courses are offered online 24/7, with select courses available for on-site instruction at your dealership.

  • If I want to offer Ally Buyer’s Choice at my dealership, what’s the next step?

    Please contact your Ally Representative or email us at

  • Where can I get more information about Ally Buyer’s Choice?

    For more Ally Buyer's Choice information, including resources and tools, please see the Ally Buyer's Choice Quick Links and/or the Ally Buyer's Choice product page.