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As an investment, a mutual fund comprises a diverse portfolio of stocks, bonds, and other securities that are managed by a fund manager on behalf of its investors. Mutual funds are a liquid asset that can be converted to cash fairly easily in most cases.

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Mutual Funds for the Beginner

How to Choose the Right Mutual Fund
Mutual Fund Investment Types
Selecting Mutual Funds
Comparing Mutual Funds
Bond Mutual Funds
Money Market Mutual Funds: How to Invest

Building Skills

Popular Types of Mutual Funds
Money Market Mutual Funds: An Introduction
Investing in Growth Mutual Funds
Actively vs. Passively Managed Mutual Funds
Money Market Mutual Funds: Risks and Rewards
Mutual Fund Investment Objectives

Becoming Savvy

Mutual Funds Fees and Expenses
Mutual Funds Tax Guide
Index Mutual Funds

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