Ally Financial

On May 10, 2010, GMAC Inc. (or GMAC Financial Services) announced it has transitioned the name of the corporation to Ally Financial Inc. (Ally). This transition enables the company to leverage a brand that currently exists in the portfolio to support its efforts toward continually becoming more customer-focused.

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  • Why is GMAC rebranding to Ally Financial Inc.?

    We currently license the "GMAC" trademark from General Motors. We made the strategic decision to implement a brand that we can leverage for the longer-term. A brand is important to us, and we want it to be our own.

  • Which parts of the company are rebranding and when?

    The change from GMAC Inc. to Ally Financial Inc. is limited to the corporate entity at this time. We continue to offer products and services by GMAC, Ditech and other brands under the Ally Financial Inc. umbrella. Options to potentially use the Ally brand more broadly within the company are currently being evaluated; however, decisions have not been finalized.

  • What does the Ally brand stand for?

    The Ally brand stands for serving our customers and delivering them what we demand for our selves. We believe that everybody needs an Ally.

  • When do you anticipate fully migrating away from the GMAC brand?

    We are currently evaluating options, however, no timeline or plan has been finalized.

  • What is the relationship between Ally Financial, Ally Bank and GMAC Inc.?

    GMAC Inc. has been renamed Ally Financial Inc. The Ally brand was first introduced in May 2009 at the online bank, Ally Bank. The brand has resonated very well with customers so we are leveraging this brand that we already own for the broader corporation of Ally Financial. We will continue to use the name Ally Bank for our online bank, now it will just be a subsidiary of Ally Financial Inc.

  • How does this affect my account?

    This change will not affect your account at all. You will continue to receive the same great service under the same brand names as you do today. This change is purely limited to the corporate entity name.