Coverage Levels

You need options. When you select a VehicleOne vehicle service contract, you have a choice between four different levels of coverage - Basic, Major, Select and Premium. Each coverage level is fully customizable so you can tailor your vehicle service contract exactly the way you want it. Our optional coverage add-ons increase the power of your vehicle protection.


Choose VehicleOne Basic coverage if you want to provide your car with the most essential powertrain coverage. It covers more than 130 parts in the Engine, Transmission & Transfer Case, and Drive Axle assembly groups.


VehicleOne Major coverage offers an affordable upgrade to Basic coverage, adding extra protection without breaking the bank. It adds Steering, Brakes, Cooling and Fuel System components – providing total coverage for more than 160 parts.


When you opt for the VehicleOne Select plan you get everything from the Major coverage level and then some, for even broader peace of mind. It adds Front & Rear Suspension, Air Conditioning/Heating, and Electrical components for a total of more than 230 parts.


Selecting VehicleOne Premium coverage is your way of saying you want protection for just about everything mechanical in your vehicle. This coverage level is so comprehensive that it’s easier to list what isn’t included, rather than list everything that is. If the part or service isn’t listed here, it’s covered. Your contract will provide more details on exclusions and conditions.

  •  Premium excluded parts and services:

    Routine Maintenance Services & Parts:

    • Adjustments
    • Wheel balancing
    • Tune-ups
    • Spark/glow plugs & wires
    • Hoses & clamps
    • Drive & timing belts
    • Brake pads, linings & shoes
    • Drain/fill plugs
    • Wiper blades
    • Fluids, lubricants, coolants, refrigerants, filters and alignments

    Appearance items:

    • Paint or body damage
    • Outside ornamentation
    • Vinyl & convertible tops
    • Hub caps & wheel covers
    • Tires, wheels & rims
    • Weather strips, trim, moldings, bright metal, and chrome
    • Upholstery, carpet, zippers, and fasteners
    • Cup holders & ashtrays

    Items not covered without purchase of Luxury Electronics Package:

    • DVD players & LCD screens
    • GPS / Navigation hardware
    • Satellite radio
    • Electronic & satellite transmitting or receiving devices
    • Backup / reverse sensors
    • Rearview cameras

    Other Items:

    • Carburetor
    • Throttle body
    • Battery & battery cables
    • Shock absorbers & struts
    • Manual transmission clutch friction clutch disc & pressure plate
    • Throw out bearing
    • Pilot bearing
    • Manual & hydraulic linkages
    • Distributor cap & rotor
    • Safety restraint systems (including air bags)
    • Glass, lenses, sealed beams, and light bulbs
    • Headlamps & projection lamp assemblies
    • Defroster grids
    • Fuses & circuit breakers
    • Phones
    • Televisions, VCRs, DVDs & CDs
    • Brake rotors & drums
    • Exhaust system
    • Evaporative & exhaust emission systems
    • Dash pad & vents
    • Water leaks
    • Seat frame & seat frame recliner mechanism
    • Inside & outside door handles
    • Mirrors
    • Hinges
    • Lift-gate and hood supports
    • Bumpers
    • Body sheet metal & panels
    • Body parts
    • Frame & engine cradles
    • Body mounts
    • Brackets & structural body parts
    • Repairs to correct squeaks, rattles or wind noise
    • Shop supplies
    • Environmental waste, freight & storage charges
    • Cleaning and adjustments

Use our comparison chart for more details
about what’s included in each level of coverage.

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See a sample contract for full contract terms, exclusions and conditions.

To increase your level of protection, explore coverage add-ons.
There are a few extra perks included with every plan.