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Ally Wholesale Floorplan Insurance FAQs

  • How do I get a quote for Ally Wholesale Floorplan Insurance program coverage?

    Simply call 1-800-729-4622 (option #4), Mon-Fri, 8 am - 7 pm ET, or contact your dealership insurance specialist, your insurance account executive, or your Ally representative.

    To get the best rates possible, you will need to provide us with loss information covering the last three years. This must be on the business stationery of the company providing your coverage.

  • How are rates and prices determined under the Ally Wholesale Floorplan Insurance program?

    Your specific rates and premiums are based on the individual characteristics of your dealership. This includes past loss experience, location, deductible choices, and limits.

  • What vehicles are eligible for inclusion in the Ally Wholesale Floorplan Insurance program?

    Only those vehicles with which we have a wholesale security interest are eligible.

  • Are my dealer trades covered under the wholesale floorplan insurance program?

    It depends on the dealer providing the trade. If the trade is with a dealer whose vehicles are floorplanned through us, the vehicle can be transferred at the dealership before the trip home. In this case, the vehicle is covered by us as long as we have collision coverage. The vehicle is not covered for comprehensive loss however.

  • What happens if the vehicle is not floorplanned by Ally?

    If the trade is made with a dealer who does not floorplan with us, the vehicle is handled like a trade-in; it is not covered until the dealer sends completed paperwork to us. In this case, the vehicle is assumed to be covered by the garage carrier.

  • Are spot deliveries covered under the Ally Wholesale Floorplan Insurance program?

    Yes, where state laws and regulations allow spot deliveries, your policy will cover them.

  • Is drive-away collision coverage provided with the Ally Wholesale Floorplan Insurance program?

    Yes, provided you have collision coverage. If so, drive-away collision coverage is included as long as the vehicle remains in the United State, U.S. territories or possessions, Puerto Rico, or Canada.

  • How do the Ally Wholesale Floorplan Insurance program rates apply?

    Rates that are developed for the individual dealership's characteristics are applied per $100 of vehicle valuation, per year.

    The annual rate is converted to a daily rate that is applied to each floorplanned vehicle. Charges apply only to the actual number of days a vehicle is on the floorplan.

    Different rates apply to different vehicle types: floorplan, demonstrator plan, and shop-rental plan.

  • How will I be billed for coverage?

    You will be billed as a part of your wholesale statement. The charges are made on a "per vehicle" basis. You will only be billed for the time that specific vehicle remains on your inventory.

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  • Is it false pretense if a buyer gives me a check that is returned for non-sufficient funds?

    No.  If the check is written on an open account, the acceptance of a non-sufficient funds (nsf) check, and any resulting loss, is not false pretense. 

    If, however, the check is written on a closed checking account, it could be considered a false pretense loss.

  • If I move vehicles to a temporary location such as a mall or a golf course, do I need to notify you? Will the vehicles be covered?

    As long as the vehicles remain in the United States, its territories or possessions, Puerto Rico or Canada, they are covered regardless of where they are. If the location is temporary, there is no need to notify us.

    If the location is or will become permanent, however, we recommend you notify us.

  • Can I get credits for making security improvements at my dealership?

    Usually, credits are available for substantive improvements. Contact customer service to further discuss their availability.

  • How do I report a claim?

    If you are located in the U.S., report claims by telephone or fax to the National Property Claim Center (NPCC).

    The toll free number is 1-800-225-5642, Mon-Fri, 8:30 am - 5 pm ET. 

    The toll free fax number is 1-800-337-9264.

  • Where can I get a claim form?

    Claim forms vary by state in the U.S. You can get copies for your state by contacting us at 1-800-729-4622 (option#4), Mon-Fri, 8 am – 5 pm ET, or the National Property Claim Center at 1-800-225-5642, Mon-Fri, 8:30 am – 5 pm ET.

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  • What dealerships are eligible for coverage in the Motors Inventory Coverage program?

    Any franchised auto dealership is eligible for consideration.

  • I finance and insure some of my vehicles in a floorplan program. Are the vehicles I do not insure or finance in the program eligible for Motors Inventory Coverage?

    Yes. Motors Inventory Coverage is available for any vehicle, new or used, financed or not, at a franchised auto dealership that meets the program's underwriting standards.

  • Does the Motors Inventory Coverage program provide coverage for a theft that occurs as a result of forgery of a title or other documents or identity theft?

    Yes, in most cases. To learn more, please consult the false pretense section in our policy.

  • Are my dealer trades covered by Motors Inventory Coverage?

    Yes, once the vehicle ownership paperwork is completed, your dealer trades will be covered, based on the terms of your policy.

  • Are spot deliveries covered by Motors Inventory Coverage?

    Yes, where they are allowed under state laws and regulations.

Property & Casualty Insurance   View All

  • Will you provide loss prevention services to me as an insured?

    Yes, any dealer insured by either our property or casualty insurance programs can request a free loss prevention survey.

  • How can you help me with loss prevention?

    We regularly suggest ways to improve the security of your dealership, and you can contact us anytime.

  • How can you help me avoid losses from weather such as hail, flooding, or windstorm?

    Problems with weather can occur rapidly or without warning. Even so, there are "best practices" that can minimize or eliminate losses. Hail nets, storm emergency plans, and lot improvements are a few possibilities. We can provide information that can help you avoid losses resulting from weather.

  • Who do I contact with questions about loss prevention or loss control?

    Please call the Loss Prevention Department at 1-800-729-4622 (option #4), Mon-Fri, 8 am - 5 pm ET.