Current Money Market Rates: See Ours, Theirs and Why We Show You Both.

Start Saving with the Ally Bank Money Market Account Today

September 2012

Money market accounts have a number of helpful features and benefits, which makes them a choice worth your consideration when you're weighing your short-term savings options. Of course you want the best interest rate you can find, but before you jump at what seems like a great rate among all the current money market rates available today, make sure you know what you're getting.

Different banks' money market accounts are set up differently, you won't spend too much time comparing current money market rates and account features before you realize that some banks' money market accounts are ultimately not right for your needs.

One bank may offer what seems like the best rate on a money market account, but on closer examination, you could find that there are requirements, restrictions and fees that hardly make it seem worth the trouble of opening an account.

The way we see it, "teaser rates" and other such tactics are just not very customer-friendly. That's why Ally Bank takes a more straightforward approach to banking. Yes, we want your business, but we want to make sure you're as happy with your account as you are with us as a bank.

We know people like to compare current money market rates before they open an account, so we make it a little easier to do by posting our consistently competitive rates alongside those of our major competitors. But helping you compare rates is only the beginning.

You can open and fund an Ally Bank Money Market Account with any amount and still earn variable interest rate that are consistently among the most competitive in the country as published by You'll get a free Visa® debit card and free standard checks, and just like every other money market account, you'll get up to six transfers or withdrawals per statement cycle at no fee. This limitation does not apply to ATM withdrawals. Also, unlike some banks, we won't charge you monthly maintenance fees nationwide.

If this no-hassle, no-hidden-fees, nothing-to-hide approach to banking makes sense to you, visit or call live, 24/7 customer support at 877-247-ALLY (2559) and open your Money Market Account today.

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