Ally High Yield CDs: Great rates - and then some

High Yield CDs: Keeping them competitive

September 2012

The interest rates paid on high yield CDs change all the time. One day a bank will be at the top of the list, and the next day it will be another bank in that position. But when you compare rates over time, you'll see some patterns - and Ally Bank high-yield CD rates are consistently among the most competitive in the country.

That consistency is due in part to the fact that Ally Bank is an online bank. Without the expense of maintaining physical brick-and-mortar branches, we can apply more resources to keeping the rates of our High Yield CDs up. And Ally Bank offers the same great rates to everyone.

We also back up those good rates with other features that can also be important to you. One is stability: Your money in Ally Bank high yield CDs are included in your FDIC insurance coverage up to the maximum allowed by law. Another is choice: In addition to traditional high yield CDs, you can get:

  • The No Penalty CD, which lets you withdraw money any time after the first six days of funding your account, without penalty and without waiting for the CD to mature.
  • The Raise Your Rate CD, which are 2- and 4-year CDs that come with the option to request a rate increase - one time with the 2-year IRA Raise Your Rate CD and twice with the 4-year version - if you notice that the current APYs on our Raise Your Rate CDs go up.

Then there's customer service.

You can contact Ally Bank via phone, email or Web chat, 24 hours a day - whatever time is right for you - and talk with a real person. In a recent survey, only about half of American consumers said they were happy with the service experience they receive over the phone from businesses - but roughly 90 percent of Ally customers said they are happy with our customer service.

And NetBanker gave Ally Bank it's 2011 "OBR Best of the Web" award, citing a tool that lets customers instantly check, in real time, the availability of phone reps. "Their real-time availability [ticker] is so much better than simply plopping a smiling face in the corner of your website and inviting calls," noted NetBanker. "The estimated hold time demonstrates the bank's respect for its customers' time, something rare at large consumer brands in any industry."

Explore our High Yield CD rates and terms, compare our rates to our competitors and even open an account online at or call live customer care at 877-247-ALLY (2559).

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