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How your account manager helps keep your healthcare business running smoothly

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As a healthcare provider, you have a lot of responsibilities and demands on your time. From ensuring high-quality patient care to running your practice and collecting payment, you balance it all.

Every business owner needs someone in their corner to keep it all running smoothly. Your Ally Lending account manager is there for you every step of the way to add value beyond providing you with financing solutions for your patients.

Helping hands

Ally Lending account managers do more than just answer questions about offering loans to your patients. They act as a trusted teammate to make patient financing successful at your practice through intentional and integrated support backed by experience.

“We treat our role as an extension of our providers,” says Ally Lending Senior Account Manager Kirk Maxwell. “Rather than being viewed as a vendor, we see it as a relationship. Success is mutually beneficial. We want to see our providers succeed by using the financing program.”

Ally Lending account managers are your business collaborators to help you succeed. “The majority of account managers have several years of experience in this business and are fairly specialized,” says Maxwell. “We segment based on the specialty we support. We have people working primarily in audiology, some with cosmetic non-surgical providers and still others for the healthcare businesses we work with.”

A personal touch

Ally Lending account managers strive to make themselves available to providers as much as needed. We consistently hear that Ally’s personal approach sets us apart from competitors. 

“Our account managers have an open line of communication with all levels of our provider’s business — from office staff to the C-suite,” says Maxwell. “We’re full-service and interact with everyone.”

 While many lenders are trying to automate as much as possible, at Ally, we prioritize a human working relationship at the center of our digital, cutting-edge solutions.

“Other large lenders rely on solely video based-training for providers,” says Maxwell. “But we offer personal one-on-one training so we can answer questions and troubleshoot on the spot. Everyone from the office manager to physicians can reach out for help.”

Ally uses these training sessions as an opportunity to share best practices and give examples of how our software has benefitted other providers.

Tangible support

Ally Lending providers have access to a host of resources, including marketing support. On a day-to-day basis, our marketing support assists with a variety of needs, including consumer application links on websites, advertising and email campaigns. Going that extra mile is just one way we strive to consistently add value.

“In addition to loyalty campaigns to drive customers back through their doors, we also offer healthcare providers pre-templated advertising materials and collateral they can show their patients to make the application process easier,” says Maxwell.

Ally Lending account managers also make an effort to understand the charitable causes providers are passionate about and often volunteer at and sponsor events that give back to the communities they serve. 

Insightful data

Your account manager is there to equip you with the right information to make the best financing decisions for your business.

Ally Lending account managers complement useful data with a down-to-earth and easy-to-understand explanation of the numbers and trends, so you can make sense of what it means for your business.

“We dig into each provider’s workflow and customize our solutions to their unique needs,” says Maxwell. “We learn their process from top to bottom — from how they generate leads to making a final sale. We then overlay that with how financing comes into play to ensure we’re helping to drive their leads to sales.”

Your account manager regularly reviews your business performance and trends to ensure you’re on top of updates.

Strategizing for the future

As a healthcare provider, you have to maintain the highest standards of patient care while always keeping an eye on where your business and the industry are headed next. Your Ally Lending account manager is your strategic partner in planning for the future.

“We're focused on building for the long-term for our providers,” says Maxwell. “In a unique regulatory and economic environment, it’s our role to prepare them for changes with informative intelligence on macroeconomic trends and how it could trickle down and affect patients.”

An ally for your patient-centered business

At Ally Lending , we’re more than just your patient financing provider. Your account manager is there to offer guidance and support to keep your healthcare business running smoothly at all times. Lean on us to optimize your business to its fullest potential.

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