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4 Tools to Build Strong Client Retention for Your Home Renovation Business

June 4, 2022

Repeat customers are important in any industry. In the world of home improvement, they’re absolutely essential. Clients that return for future projects are testaments to the quality of your team’s work and ensure the success of your business.

While delivering stellar results is an important first step, home renovation is a highly competitive space where homeowners have many options. Retaining their business will require focus, flexibility and creativity.

Reward loyalty

What's the best way to inspire a long-term relationship with your clients? Make it official with a rewards program. You already deliver exquisite work — a formal loyalty program gives happy customers one more reason to come back for their next project. Whether it’s offering a discount for a later project or taking a percentage off when clients book multiple projects, a rewards program can offer you a great opportunity for upsells. For example, if a customer comes to you for a kitchen remodel estimate, you might mention that you can knock off 20% on an additional project (like a home office renovation). Never underestimate the power of a reward.

Activate your customer base

When it comes to inspiring repeat clients, your best asset may be closer than you think: your clients themselves. Word of mouth is everything in home renovation. Use it! Customer referral programs can keep your business moving at both ends of the spectrum. In fact, referrals and testimonials can not only help attract new customers, they also get current clients invested in your business, keeping you top of mind for their next project.

Take full advantage of this business resource by incorporating it into your process early on. You don’t want to be letting customers know about your referral program as you pack up your tools and head out the door. Clearly spell out the benefits (maybe that’s a discount on current or future projects) and follow up with reminders. This can also be a great approach to collecting customer testimonials. Test the waters early on to gauge interest and then check in once you’re closer to completion.

Get digital

Every day your clients are being bombarded with seasonal promotions, discounts and more from the latest, greatest home renovation businesses in town. If your name isn’t in the mix, you might be missing out on repeat business. While they may be thrilled with the work you did on their basement, it’s hard to resist the temptation of a great deal on that next home project. It’s not personal, it’s psychology.

Keep your business front and center by keeping in touch with regular marketing emails. (And don’t forget good old-fashioned direct mail.) Make sure your clients are in the loop on any new services you offer, like monthly deals. Even if you’re not running the deal of the century, simply staying visible and present for former clients can go a long way.

The same goes for your financing options, your customers don’t know what they don’t know, so be sure to provide all the details they’ll need for financing on their next home project. Help new and returning clients find the right payment option with a flexible solution like Ally Home Improvement Financing.

Deliver excellent customer service

Sometimes the most obvious solutions are the best ones. And when it comes to retaining clients, it’s hard to beat good old-fashioned customer service. It’s simple but so important. While you can’t control everything, you can control the way your customers are treated. Strive for transparent communication with clear timelines, open discussions on costs and timely updates when any of those change.

You’re in a unique position where your customers will live with your work in a very personal way every day. When they’re sitting at their kitchen table, drinking their morning coffee and admiring their new cabinets, you don’t want them to also be thinking about the 12 calls they had to make to get an answer about supply delays. Stay open and accessible and make sure your customers enjoy working with you as much as they love their new heated floors.

Create repeat customers

In a space as fluid and competitive as home renovation, retaining customers from project to project can be easier said than done. Keep your clients coming back by staying flexible, creative and customer-obsessed. Pair that with quality work and your clients will be queueing up for their next home project in no time.

Don’t let inflexible financing get in the way of your business goals. Keep customers coming back with a seamless finance solution that can keep up with this project and the many more to come.

Get Started With the Right Home Improvement Financing for Your Customers

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