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Zoom Boom! The Demand for Cosmetic Procedures Is Here to Stay

June 30, 2021

The rise of digital communication during the pandemic means countless people have spent hours and hours on video calls staring at themselves — some self-conscious about how they appear on a computer screen. Many providers expected COVID-19 to reduce demand for surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. But instead, the industry is experiencing what’s being referred to as a “Zoom Boom,” with a 10% increase in demand across the U.S.

While many around the country head back to the office, Zoom will continue to be a major presence in our lives — and it’s unlikely the desire for cosmetic procedures will die down any time soon. Is your practice taking advantage of the sustained interest in the procedures these “Zoom boomers” are looking for? 

Make face time a less stressful time

With so many people focused on their face during days packed with video calls, it’s likely no surprise much of the increase in cosmetic procedures is facially focused. Med spa procedures like face injections to combat wrinkles, as well as lip and facial fillers, remain ever popular. And laser facial resurfacing procedures like Clear and Brilliant have become a top request, too. But some patients are choosing to take things a step further.

Whether it’s the available downtime or the extra money they originally intended to go towards vacations that were later cancelled, more extensive procedures like facelifts and neck lifts have become a frequent request — causing months-long waiting lists at some offices. Chin implants (for a chiseled masculine jawline), rhinoplasty (for a softer nose) and even jaw surgery (for new cheekbones and a symmetrical look) are commonly requested, too. Though some of these procedures are more invasive, many patients have been taking advantage of the flexibility to work from home, that the pandemic has permitted, to recover.

Help clients regain body confidence

At the beginning of the pandemic, the demand for body contouring and liposuction procedures had declined. But with gyms shuttered and extra time inside causing a general lack of activity, many people were not able to maintain their existing weight. Now? Cosmetic medical practices are seeing a swift rise in body-centered surgeries and procedures, including liposuction (specifically in the waist and below the chin) and CoolSculpting. This non-invasive body contouring technology freezes and destroys fat cells without surgical incisions. It's a popular way to eliminate unwanted chin fat and stubborn areas like love handles, belly fat and upper arm fat. Its versatility can allow patients to have full-body makeover sessions with little to no downtime.

Grow your traditional client base

Cosmetic practitioners might be bracing for a dip in demand as society gradually opens back up and people spend less time in front of the camera. But with many organizations utilizing hybrid models in their return to work, med spas and cosmetic surgery providers should focus their marketing efforts on how digital communication is here to stay in a post-pandemic world. Targeted advertising on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms that stresses the new digital future can help pick up the slack.

Beyond aiming to attract customers that may fall into the traditional clientele of med spas, cosmetic health care service providers should also look to expand their client bases. Currently, men account for just about 10% of all cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S. So, attracting more male clientele could be a massive boon for your business. Leveraging popular procedures like facial laser resurfacing, breast augmentation, and hair transplants is a great place to start.

Finally, cosmetic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, may not fit into the majority of the populations’ typical budget. And as they aren’t typically covered by insurance, many would-be customers may be reluctant or unable to sign up for procedures. By offering financing options, you can make sure your would-be “Zoom effect” client pool never runs dry. Ally Lending  works with you to offer cost-effective solutions that help your clients afford what matters most to them, while staying on track with their long-term financial health.

Entering a new reality with confidence

Many doctors expect the boom to continue because Zoom — and other forms of digital communication — won’t go anywhere anytime soon. Connecting via camera has become an integral part of how people communicate and do business, as well as stay in touch with friends and family near and far. As people become more acquainted with their own appearance, the desire to learn more about and undergo cosmetic procedures will likely become even more common. Make sure your business is ready to accommodate clients new and old with procedures and financing options  that patients seek.

Offer Ally Lending as a Financing Option

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