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Digital Renovation: 5 Strategies to Build Your Home Improvement Company

September 3, 2021

Metal. Wood. Plaster. As a home improvement contractor, you certainly know your way around these hands-on materials. But in today’s world, gaining new customers is a primarily virtual process. The search for a home improvement or remodeling contractor now starts online.

A digital presence that drives engagement, customer relationships , and grows your business is an essential part of success. Even if your company is typically more low-tech, you can quickly implement these strategies and growth tips to renovate the digital side. Get started with this primer.

Craft your website with care

A modern and well-designed website can play a big role in converting visitors into customers for your home improvement business. It’s not enough to just list your services and contact information. You’ll need to develop a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. SEO involves improving your site so you will appear higher on the results pages of search engines like Google. That could include updating visuals or improving your mobile experience. But one of the simplest places to begin is with keywords.

When you rank well for keywords and phrases related to your business, like “home improvement contractor Chicago” or “top basement remodels in Charlotte,” prospects will find you faster and be more likely to visit your site and learn more about your offerings and services. To improve your standing in those searches, make sure you’re using that language on your site. It may take time to climb to the top of the results, but using the right words is a strong start.

Supply eye-catching imagery

The work a contractor conducts is highly visual, and in today’s world, people are looking for imagery and video content that reflects your work. So, supplying visuals of your previous and future projects across your site and social media is essential.

Check your lighting and framing to ensure the most professional appearance. Post relatable images that cover all aspects of renovation and focus on the most popular renovation areas like the bathroom and kitchen. Or build upon that idea by showing a renovation in progress over time.

Provide enticing offers and deals

Home improvement projects are typically big-ticket investments. Offering savings can make a huge difference and quickly turn website visitors into customers. Incentives can be as simple as a percentage off for first-time clients. Or consider using referral discount codes and links to drum up more business. And offering financing for repair and renovation projects with flexible funding models and affordable installment loans like Ally Lending is another great way to motivate potential clients.

Construct a captivating (and consistent) presence across the web

When homeowners start dreaming about home projects, those reveries (more often than not) start on popular photo-sharing social media platforms and home renovation websites. Across hashtags and accounts, they’re looking for inspiration for their backsplashes, countertops, cabinets, etc.

As a home improvement provider, creating a presence in these digital spaces is a must to capture the attention of would-be renovators. People are most interested in your real-life work, so share it with them! You have a chance to display your work in front of an audience that is hungry for home improvement content – give them the images, videos, and testimonials they’re looking for.

Survey online reviews

These days, real-world word of mouth might only get you so far. For many homeowners, online ratings and reviews are their first impression of your business. If the feedback is positive, they can persuade digital visitors to contact your business. If the reviews are negative, it can do significant damage to your reputation. That’s why managing and responding to this feedback in a timely manner is crucial. By interacting with your customers and following up on less than stellar reviews, you can put your best foot forward for current and future customers.

Grow the physical with strong digital

The bottom line? Digital marketing can make a significant impact on the success of your home improvement company. These easy-to-implement virtual strategies are a great place to start when building the digital side of your business.

Make sure your new customers have the financing options they need, with a digital application experience and online loan management.

Provide Financing With Ally Lending

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