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Empower your healthcare staff with these financing support strategies

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Amid healthcare staffing shortages, the need to attract and retain top talent is more important than ever. Healthcare workers are the heroes that make your business possible. Because they dedicate so much time and energy to client care, it can be hard to remember that they need support as well.

Relieving some of the administrative burdens by simplifying consumer financing is one way to help them better balance their workload so they can continue to deliver the best client care possible. 

Provide pre-qualification prior to the appointment

Asking clients to pre-qualify for financing ahead of time  sets expectations early , saves time at checkout and empowers clients to take control of their care. Your practice can also  tailor the recommended treatment plan  based on the client’s budget and the financing they qualify for. With the costs settled, both clients and providers can move forward with confidence.

This initial pre-qualification step can be added to your website, integrated into your scheduling technology or completed on a tablet or a mobile device while a client is waiting. There is no impact on a client’s credit at the pre-qualification step, and they can complete the rest of their application on a timeline that works for them.

Cost is often a significant barrier to client care. Offering flexible financing options is one way to ensure clients have access to the care they want and need. At the same time, prequalifying clients helps increase the rate of payment collection and frees staff up to focus on care. With an easy application process, interactive training sessions and lack of start-up fees, Ally Lending is an effective and convenient solution for both staff and clients.

Deliver digital convenience

The entire loan application process can be completed digitally. Whether clients opt to complete it on their own or in person, no paperwork is necessary. Within minutes, they can pre-qualify, view and select offers and sign their loan agreement. This simplified process saves time and reconciliation efforts on the back end.

Ally Lending takes care of funding, collections and servicing so you can focus on providing the best client care possible. Providers receive payment via ACH within one to two business days of the funding request, so your staff will not spend time tracking down payments or reconciling losses.


Learn more: How Ally Lending can help ease the consumer financing process

Maintain additional support strategies

Beyond financing, consider these tactics to show employees they’re valued.

Offer mental health support

More than half of health workers report symptoms of burnout . To help them cope, create a culture where psychological well-being is prioritized. Make sure your staff knows where to turn if they need behavioral health services.

Foster a team environment

A connected staff is a happy and productive one. A catered lunch, a Friday happy hour or an off-site team-building activity could help staff members get to know one another on a personal level, ultimately making for a more cohesive team.

Encourage employee feedback

Open-door policies could help staff feel comfortable to voice concerns and ask questions. Consider regularly soliciting feedback so you can take action to address any issues before they become bigger problems that impact employee contentment.

Support your staff for mutual success

Healthcare workers are the backbone of your business. Supporting them so they can support clients benefits everyone.  Take steps to show — not just tell — your staff their value is recognized and appreciated.

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