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A man receiving a filler injection for his face in a cosmetic clinic.

6 Ways Cosmetic Procedure Centers Can Increase Their Male Clientele

November 15, 2021

Whether to turn back the clock or to further enhance male characteristics, men are opting for cosmetic procedures more now than ever before. Men account for nearly 10% of all cosmetic procedures performed in the U.S., with small but steady growth year over year. Attracting more male patients is a great opportunity to grow your business, but getting them in the door takes time and attention.

Create an inclusive environment

Despite the recent increase in the number of male patients, some men remain apprehensive of cosmetic procedures. So, it’s important to establish a non-intimidating environment in both your office and your digital presence. Make them feel at home by increasing diversity among staff members and decorate using whites and grays, touches of male décor and a clean aesthetic. Men may still be nervous, but an approachable environment can go a long way in making them feel more assured and welcome.

Be sure to do the same with your digital footprint. Too many cosmetic practices only feature women in their marketing. Refresh your materials with male models and/or patient before and after photos. You can also create separate male-focused promotions and efforts on social media and your website.

Address top areas of concern

Historically, the issues bringing men into a cosmetic practitioner’s office include facial aging and gynecomastia (or swollen breast tissue caused by a hormone imbalance, which affects one in four middle aged men). Emphasize these concerns in your  marketing materials  by promoting procedures that address them such as facial laser resurfacing, breast reduction and minor surgery to reduce excess skin.

Focus on the face

Many of Hollywood’s leading men are known for a more prominent and well-defined jawline. While you can’t promise clients A-list status, several procedures can help your male clientele’s jawline pop and address common complaint areas like the neck.

You can entice men through your door with Botox (to address face and necklines), which is well-known. While men are in the office, clinicians should take the time to tell them about facelifts, which ease signs of aging in the face and neck, tighten sagging skin and smooth deep folds while also treating jowls and double chins.

During these discussions, you should also consider mentioning chin implants and jaw surgery. These procedures can be more involved and require additional downtime, but the results can be significant.

Elevate options for the body

Men, like women, are interested in procedures to help them achieve a fit appearance. Feature techniques like CoolSculpting in your marketing and digital communications. This non-invasive body contouring technology for men near their ideal body weight can address common male problem areas like love handles and beer bellies.

For male clientele of a higher but still healthy weight, you can offer liposuction as an alternative. This surgical offering targets fat deposits in the waist area and below the chin, with only minimal incisions. It can be an excellent option to promote to men looking for contouring, and specifically patients with good skin elasticity and realistic goals.

Maintain the mane

Hair transplants have come a long way in the last decade-plus. Gone are the days of unnatural looking “hair plugs,” replaced by more natural-looking follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedures. Offering these advanced hair techniques can attract male clients, so they should be some of the first procedures you spot in your outreach to expand your male clientele. Be sensitive with these mentions though, since hair loss can be an upsetting topic.

Break down barriers

Price can be a significant obstacle for many male patients wanting to improve their appearance — a challenge that’s particularly exacerbated by the fact that most procedures aren’t covered by insurance.  By offering financing options, such as Ally Lending , you could attract more men to your practice. We work with cosmetic clinicians to offer affordable financing solutions to your patients, helping them pay for the services they want while also staying on track with their long-term financial health. 

Grow your clientele

Getting new patients to walk in your door is always a challenge — but when you’re trying to expand beyond your traditional female clientele, it can be even more difficult. As men become increasingly interested in procedures offered by med spas and cosmetic surgery centers, focusing on their areas of concern and the solutions that address them can help you find success.

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