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Millennials Are Embracing Fixer-Uppers, Here’s How You Can Help Them

October 28, 2021

From home improvement shows to social media tutorials, millennials are surrounded by home renovation ideas. With a splash of paint and thrifted doorknobs, they can use a smaller budget to design a place they love. But when it’s time to tackle the big projects, they’ll need a helping hand from professionals. Seize this opportunity to appeal to homeowners who are itching to transform their space. By adjusting your services and marketing strategy, you can meet the expectations of up-and-coming fixer-uppers.

Prepare for open layouts

Like so many homeowners and renovators before them, millennials have embraced the “open concept.” The social generation can host friends freely, unencumbered by walls separating their kitchens, dining, and living rooms.

Homeowners on a budget often purchase cheaper, outdated homes with extraneous walls that impact the flow of the space. Be ready to explain which walls can be knocked down and why load-bearing ones should stay up (or be ready with the numbers and process for installing a beam in its place). If your customer wants to maintain the integrity of the original structure (without spending up to $10,000 for a support beam), it might make more sense to suggest window installations or a small addition to make the home feel more open.

Stock up on wood

Carpet may be soft and cozy, but when it comes to flooring, most millennials prefer hardwood. It serves up a classic look, and with cheaper laminate alternatives, it’s still a budget-friendly option. Millennials tend to make low-maintenance purchases, so be sure to emphasize how wood is long-lasting and easy to clean.

Supply chain issues  may impact your hardwood sourcing, but if you’re able to maintain your inventory, you can fulfill customer needs without the dreaded wait time and put your business at the top of their list. Consider adding a page to your website that promotes your hardwood options, the cost per foot and the benefits of each one. This gives homeowners the information they need to make the right choice for their renovation.

Show your technical expertise

In the grand scheme of exciting renovations, A/C and electrical work are not at the top of most millennials’ lists. But all it takes is one power outage or the A/C failing on a hot day for millennials to recognize that these repairs are must do tasks (along with other plumbing, electrical and HVAC issues that may have been overlooked in the purchase process).

Use your site to educate homeowners on the dangers of leaving these issues unfixed, as well as their common warning signs (think: unusually high electric bills, dripping faucets or indoor humidity). For money-conscious millennials, these renovations can be a long-term cost saver. Explain how these renovations often result in lower energy and water bills, and with Ally Lending's  home improvement financing  options, you can help homeowners get the job done within their budget.

Consider providing a 10% discount for first-time homeowners who discovered plumbing issues within the first six months of closing on their new place. The expertise you bring to the table tops the quality of work the average homeowner could do on their own.

Make room for home offices

Like the rest of the working world, many millennials are trading long commutes for flexible work-from-home policies - and to spur productivity (and avoid spending the whole day on the couch) they’re looking for in-home offices. Many older homes aren’t designed with a designated office space, so your work will come in handy for those who want to install bookshelves and built-in filing cabinets. Your customers will appreciate having a room designed with everything they need to manage their business, set up their monitors or host client meetings.

This relatively new need is experiencing increased demand, so now is the time to promote your services. Consider reaching millennials on social media with a work-from-home campaign. You can include time-lapse transformation videos and use direct message functions to answer any questions.

Provide outdoor amenities

The active millennial generation enjoys getting outside, even if it’s just their own backyard. Fireplaces, stone walkways, porch extensions, heated driveways and cement patios can create a relaxing environment for them. And because entertaining friends outside is often a priority for these homeowners, you can promote your services strategically. Feature photos of your previous work to show what life is like in the great, renovated outdoors . Highlight friends chatting by a new fireplace, kids playing basketball on a renovated court or families relaxing on a well-lit porch. These visually appealing marketing materials will draw the eye of consumers, and you’ll increase your chances of winning their business.

From blueprint to reality

Millennials want to turn their fixer-uppers into dream homes, and your expertise and renovation services can bring their vision to life. By providing valuable content, reliable work, and flexible financing you can attract these young homeowners right to your doorstep.

Want to give your customer a price point they can afford? Help homeowners make their renovation dreams a reality without busting their budgets with Ally Lending Home Improvement Financing.

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