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Home, Smart Home — Why Smart Home Technology Is the Next Frontier in Home Improvement

December 13, 2021

Who among us hasn’t dreamed of living in the future? And for homeowners with an eye on technology, the future is now. From smart water heaters and self-tinting glass windows to smart home security systems and radiant wall heating, the possibilities for these labor- and time-saving devices are endless.

In addition to offering convenience and control, smart technologies can also help homeowners conserve energy and keep costs down in the long term. To stay on top of current trends and be ready to implement smart home technologies as part of your services, take a look at some of the most popular smart home features in-demand today, and help your customers begin automating their home.

Stay safe the smart way

Keeping the home safe and secure is easier than ever thanks to smart home security. You can help your customers achieve peace of mind with smart security systems that connect to Wi-Fi and can be controlled through voice commands and synced with smartphones.

Because they can be accessed remotely, these systems are ideal for frequent travelers or anyone who spends a lot of time away from home, allowing them to lock doors, check security footage, monitor carbon monoxide levels and more, from anywhere.

Smart locks offer some of the same functionality at a lower cost, and some can even use existing keyed cylinder and deadbolt hardware.

Warm up or cool down with ease

If you’re an HVAC professional, you know how important comfort is to customers. Smart thermostats allow homeowners to adjust the temperature of their home from anywhere via their smartphone, and many work with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. Some models also include features that use GPS and/or motion sensors to automatically adjust based on occupancy. For eco-conscious customers, as well as those who want to keep their cooling and heating costs in check, a smart thermostat that can measure energy usage is a great choice.

Shed some smart lighting on the situation

Smart lighting solutions have come a long way since the days of clap-on, clap-off. Modern smart bulbs come with a number of useful features, including energy efficiency and scheduled timers. Controlled via smartphone, it’s easy for parents to make sure kids go “lights out” at bedtime or to turn on the light in the morning to rouse a sleepy teenager for the school day.

Like smart thermostats, some smart bulbs also work with GPS and motion sensors to automatically turn lights on or off when you arrive home or leave, which customers will appreciate as a safety feature, in addition to being a way to conserve energy.

Save water and money

Another boon for energy efficiency and cost savings, some smart water heaters have the ability to measure water consumption patterns and adapt automatically. If you’re working with a customer who has a large family, this feature can be super helpful to ensure everyone gets a hot shower.

Some systems can be retrofitted for an existing gas or electric water heater, which is a great option for customers with older homes that are looking to modernize.

See clearly with smart windows

Electromagnetic glass, AKA self-tinting windows, is the latest smart home update  catching on with homeowners. These smart windows automatically turn from clear to opaque, eliminating the need for blinds. When darkened, they reflect back almost all light, effectively helping to cool the room and reducing the need for air conditioning. They can also eliminate glare while preserving a view of the outdoors and offering privacy on-demand.

Tie it all together

Once a customer has several smart devices in their home, they may want to consider a system that helps integrate them all , such as the Google Nest Hub Max. This smart display allows the user to control multiple smart devices from one central place, and it can also stream music and video as well as display or announce upcoming appointments, the weather and more. Some models even have a built-in camera that can be used for video calls or to pull feeds from your video doorbells or security cameras.

Be savvy about smart devices

Having know-how about the latest smart home technology is sure to give your business a competitive edge in the home improvement market. You can make recommendations to homeowners about the devices that will work best for them and offer installation services when applicable as an added bonus, too.

Ally Lending’s financing solutions are another smart choice to help homeowners afford their desired renovations.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

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