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Healthcare Financing

We’ll help your patients get the right care, right away.

Together we move more patients forward.

As a relentless ally for well-being, we’re committed to offering providers with a consistent program, unwavering support, and a stable product offering. Our healthcare financing solutions give your patients the option to pay over time for care and treatments they want or need, while you get paid up front.

A program designed with you and your patients in mind.

We’re in the business of building relationships.

We proactively prepare for shifts, react calmly, and respond thoughtfully in any situation. This means you’ll get a consistent, unwavering experience to navigate the next normal and beyond.

Understanding what works is how we work.

You’ll have the resources you need to generate interest, optimize approval rates, and inform marketing initiatives, plus a dedicated team available to support you along the way.

Straightforward solutions for a variety of financial situations.

Installment loans give your patients the freedom to make consistent, monthly payments over a variety of terms. Our financing options cover procedures up to $40,000.

Creating a loyal patient community.

Your patient’s Ally Lending financing can only be used at your business or practice, which earns you repeat business and stronger, loyal connections.  

We offer financing in a range of healthcare markets.







Take a closer look at solutions for your business.

Our medspa and vision financing solutions help you get paid up front while your clients pay over time. 

How it works.

Take advantage of a plug & play solution that is easily integrated and use our actionable reporting and analytics to help you make smart business decisions. The process of integrating into your system is seamless and efficient. We customize our integration rollout based on the scope of your technology capability.

Step one

Understanding Your Business

Step two

Technology Integration

Step three

Personalizing Your Product

Step four

Testing and Learning

Discover how you can do it right.

Learn more about ways to help your business grow with industry insights and consumer trends.

Businesses we’ve helped grow.

Ideal Image Med Spa
Boston Scientific
Western Dental and Orthodontics
Milan Laser Hair Removal

We want to work with you.

We make onboarding a breeze with customized training and personalized support designed for your business needs.

No start-up fees

Interactive in-person and virtual training sessions

Easy online application


We have answers.