Online Banking

Serious security: How online banks keep your money safe

Of all the things you want to keep safe, your financial information is surely near the top of the list. That’s why it’s important that online banks use a combination of cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to ensure the security of your personal and financial information. How Ally keeps your information safe While individual […]


Can’t wait for payday? Early direct deposit is here to help

The countdown to payday can be fraught with emotion, both the good and the bad. Whether you’re eager to put some of your earnings toward fun weekend plans or making sure paying your bills doesn’t mean overdrawing your account, the wait can get stressful. So what if you could fast forward (just a bit)? Our […]

Money Market

Are Money Market Accounts Safe?

There’s no question about it — when it comes to your money, safety is a big factor in how you choose to house your nest egg. If money market accounts have caught your eye, you may be wondering just how safe they are. Money market instruments, specifically, money market accounts can be a helpful (and […]


What is Overdraft Protection

Picture this: You recently made a commitment to yourself to exercise more. However, the closest gym to your house is 25 minutes away and you’re not really enthused about making that drive every day, so you decide to buy some workout equipment to burn those calories at home instead. You check an online marketplace and […]


What Are Overdraft Fees? And How Can You Avoid Them?

Let’s say you’re eyeing a $500 couch, but you only have $400 in your checking account. What happens when you swipe your debit card? You may still be able to make the purchase. But there’s a catch: You could incur an overdraft fee. What Is an Overdraft Fee? If you attempt to spend more money […]

Online Banking

Your Ally Checklist: Everything You Need to Open a Bank Account

Whether you’re opening a bank account at a digital-only bank or with a financial institution that has physical branches, today’s technology has streamlined the process — reducing it to mere minutes. Being ready with the right information (and a few important documents on hand, should additional confirmation be required), you’ll be equipped to open a […]

Savings Accounts

Checking vs. Savings Accounts: What’s the Difference

Putting your paycheck in a jar that sits on your shelf isn’t feasible when your earnings increase beyond birthday gift money and weekly chore allowance. At that point you’ll need a bank account. That being so, let’s take a look at two common options: checking account vs. savings account. Learn the different purposes of checking […]

Savings Accounts

How to Start an Emergency Fund, Even If You Think You Can’t

If you’ve made it to this blog post, congrats! You’re already taking the first step in building your emergency fund. Starting can be the hardest part of achieving any goal, but it can feel even more difficult if you don’t know where to begin or feel stretched thin when it comes to your finances. While […]

Savings Accounts

Your Questions Answered: How Does a Savings Account Work?

As kids, many of us saved all our coins, dollars, and allowance in a piggy bank — and that was our first introduction to how to save. In many ways, a savings account functions a lot like a piggy bank. It’s a place to store your hard-earned cash until you might need it. But unlike your childhood piggy bank, a savings […]


Choose Your CD: 3 Steps to Finding the Perfect Fit

Certificates of deposit (CDs) used to be one-size-fits-all. (Has that ever really worked out?) Times have changed, and now you can find different types of CDs with a variety of terms tailored to your personal savings goals. With a little know-how about CDs, you can make an informed decision that works with your own terms. […]

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