Savings Accounts

Your Fundamental Guide to Emergency Fund Savings

While you can’t plan for every possible “what if,” you can put your best financial foot forward and be prepared, should an unexpected occasion arise. That’s where an emergency fund comes in: to protect you when unanticipated costs come a-knocking. So you’re ready, we’ve assembled a quick overview of all things emergency fund — what […]


Secure Your Savings With a CD

With all the talk of interest rates, economic forecasts, and more, you might feel a little stuck when it comes to money. But no matter the market, one thing you can always count on is that saving is a good idea. And while they may not grab headlines, certificates of deposit (CDs) remain one of […]

Online Banking

Are Online Banks Safe? 5 Expert Security Tips for Banking Online

In recent years, I’ve seen online banking become more and more popular because it’s convenient, user-friendly and tech savvy. So many folks are ditching ATM deposits for mobile check deposits and checkbooks for easy-to-use apps that allow them to check their balance or even use their phone to make payments. But with cyberattacks seemingly on […]

Savings Accounts

Checking vs. Savings Accounts: What’s the Difference

Putting your paycheck in a jar that sits on your shelf isn’t feasible when your earnings increase beyond birthday gift money and weekly chore allowance. At that point you’ll need a bank account. That being so, let’s take a look at two common options: checking account vs. savings account. Learn the different purposes of checking […]

Online Banking

Sent With a Click: How to Transfer Money

With online banking, mobile banking apps, and more, transferring money between your bank accounts at different financial institutions is now easier than ever. Whether you prefer the quickness and reliability of an online transfer, or the traditional nature of a paper check, there are a number of options to make transferring money a breeze in […]

Savings Accounts

Savings Interest Calculator: See How Much You’re Earning

When you’re considering opening a savings account (or even after you already have one), making sense of interest rates can be a little confusing. While it may be clear that savings accounts are a secure method to earn a little interest without the risk, calculating how much you’re earning isn’t an easy equation. Our easy-to-use […]

Savings Accounts

How to Start an Emergency Fund, Even If You Think You Can’t

If you’ve made it to this blog post, congrats! You’re already taking the first step in building your emergency fund. Starting can be the hardest part of achieving any goal, but it can feel even more difficult if you don’t know where to begin or feel stretched thin when it comes to your finances. While […]

Online Banking

How to Open an Online Bank Account

Are you ready for a more flexible and accessible banking experience? One where you can manage your money straight from a mobile banking app on your phone? Convenience is just one reason you might look into opening an online bank account — not to mention great rates, helpful tools, and more. No need to worry […]

Savings Accounts

Beyond the Piggy Bank: Best Kid’s Savings Accounts

  Ah, saving. It’s probably the most important money lesson kids can learn. You’ve taught them to set some of their allowance aside, and now their piggy bank is full. Now that they’re ready to take the next step, how do you find a savings account you can use to help your kids save? Below, […]

Savings Accounts

Your Questions Answered: How Does a Savings Account Work?

As kids, many of us saved all our coins, dollars, and allowance in a piggy bank — and that was our first introduction to how to save. In many ways, a savings account functions a lot like a piggy bank. It’s a place to store your hard-earned cash until you might need it. But unlike your childhood piggy bank, a savings […]

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