Savings Accounts

The Pros and Cons of Savings Accounts: Maximizing Your Money

When you buy a new cell phone, you choose a brand, model, size, and color (rose gold, if you’re feeling fancy), while weighing the features against your needs. It can be exciting but also a bit overwhelming. (“What is 5G connection? And do I really need retina display?”) Opening a savings account can be a […]


CDs vs. Savings: Where to Age Your Money for Your Short-Term Goals

Choosing between CDs and savings accounts can be a lot like choosing a wine: It all depends on your taste and what you’re pairing it with. Like wine in your pantry, your savings balance is easier to access for immediate needs, and it can still improve significantly in 12 months, if it’s in the right […]


Free Checking and Interest Checking: What Do They Mean?

Being smart with your money means avoiding unnecessary fees. So, it makes sense to look for a checking account that doesn’t nickel and dime you for standard services — and even better, one that actually pays you interest on your balance. But does that mean you have to choose between an account with fewer fees […]


6 Benefits of Online Checking Accounts

You can’t remember the last time you had actual cash in your wallet, let alone a paper checkbook. And digital wallet apps make sending and receiving money as easy as a swipe on your phone. So, do you still need a checking account these days? The answer is: yes. Checking accounts remain a personal banking […]


6 Ways to Avoid Checking Account Fees

Of all the banking pet peeves people have, one of the biggest has to be paying fees. From overdraft fees to ATM fees to maintenance fees, no one wants to shell out money when they don’t have to. Take a close look at your last few bank statements and see what you paid in extra […]

Savings Accounts

Should You Open Multiple Savings Accounts? Learn the Pros and Cons Here

Let’s keep it simple: There’s no limit to the number of savings accounts you can open. The tricky part? Knowing whether or not it’s worth it to have multiple ones. While opening more than one savings account may help you keep several savings goals (retirement, vacation, future down payment) organized, it could mean more monthly […]


Open a Checking Account Online in 3 Simple Steps

Checking accounts give you the most flexible access to your funds of any deposit account. That means you can use a checking account to pay bills, make transfers, conduct debit card transactions, and more. But did you know you can open a checking account online in just a few minutes? Here’s how in three simple […]

Savings Accounts

Buckets and Boosters: Make Your Money Work Harder Than Ever With Our New Smart Savings Tools

Everyone knows that saving money is essential — you know about the all-important rainy-day fund, a vacation fund, and the many, many types of accounts targeting different goals. But when it comes to creating a plan for your goals, managing your money, and actually doing the saving — well, let’s just say it’s easier said […]

Savings Accounts

The Art of Saving: 5 Tips to Get Crafty with Your Savings Account

Saving money is on everyone’s to-do list, but your personal savings account should reflect your own goals. Just as people have differing habits and hobbies, so do they have different savings priorities — you might be saving for a new mountain bike, while your coworker’s saving for a kitchen renovation. But while the specifics of […]


Saving for a Future of Freedom: 4 Ways to Fund Your IRA

That adventurous future you’ve imagined — you know, building a second home, exploring a new continent, or hiking the Grand Canyon — is going to cost money (and possibly more than you might think). Opening an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is a great way to help you save up for a comfortable retirement and all […]

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