Savings Accounts

Savings Interest Calculator: See How Much You’re Earning

When you’re considering opening a savings account (or even after you already have one), making sense of interest rates can be a little confusing. While it may be clear that savings accounts are a secure method to earn a little interest without the risk, calculating how much you’re earning isn’t an easy equation. Our easy-to-use […]

Savings Accounts

Your Fundamental Guide to Emergency Fund Savings

While you can’t plan for every possible “what if,” you can put your best financial foot forward and be prepared, should an unexpected occasion arise. That’s where an emergency fund comes in: to protect you when unanticipated costs come a-knocking. So you’re ready, we’ve assembled a quick overview of all things emergency fund — what […]

Savings Accounts

How to Start an Emergency Fund, Even If You Think You Can’t

If you’ve made it to this blog post, congrats! You’re already taking the first step in building your emergency fund. Starting can be the hardest part of achieving any goal, but it can feel even more difficult if you don’t know where to begin or feel stretched thin when it comes to your finances. While […]

Online Banking

How to Open an Online Bank Account

Are you ready for a more flexible and accessible banking experience? One where you can manage your money straight from a mobile banking app on your phone? Convenience is just one reason you might look into opening an online bank account — not to mention great rates, helpful tools, and more. No need to worry […]

Savings Accounts

Beyond the Piggy Bank: Best Kid’s Savings Accounts

  Ah, saving. It’s probably the most important money lesson kids can learn. You’ve taught them to set some of their allowance aside, and now their piggy bank is full. Now that they’re ready to take the next step, how do you find a savings account you can use to help your kids save? Below, […]

Savings Accounts

Your Questions Answered: How Does a Savings Account Work?

As kids, many of us saved all our coins, dollars, and allowance in a piggy bank — and that was our first introduction to how to save. In many ways, a savings account functions a lot like a piggy bank. It’s a place to store your hard-earned cash until you might need it. But unlike your childhood piggy bank, a savings […]


Choose Your CD: 3 Steps to Finding the Perfect Fit

Certificates of deposit (CDs) used to be one-size-fits-all. (Has that ever really worked out?) Times have changed, and now you can find different types of CDs with a variety of terms tailored to your personal savings goals. With a little know-how about CDs, you can make an informed decision that works with your own terms. […]

Online Banking

Breaking Up: How to Close a Bank Account

Breaking up with your bank can be hard to do. After all, you’ve been through so much together — lost debit cards, new loans, a mortgage — that you’ve never bothered think about how to close a bank account. But now you found someone new (maybe you met them online?) who’s got better interest rates, fewer fees, […]

Savings Accounts

The Pros and Cons of Savings Accounts: Maximizing Your Money

When you buy a new cell phone, you choose a brand, model, size, and color (rose gold, if you’re feeling fancy), while weighing the features against your needs. It can be exciting but also a bit overwhelming. (“What is 5G connection? And do I really need retina display?”) Opening a savings account can be a […]


CDs vs. Savings: Where to Age Your Money for Your Short-Term Goals

Choosing between CDs and savings accounts can be a lot like choosing a wine: It all depends on your taste and what you’re pairing it with. Like wine in your pantry, your savings balance is easier to access for immediate needs, and it can still improve significantly in 12 months, if it’s in the right […]

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