Who can't use more ideas about how to save money? Here are five you may not have considered:

  1. Turn off your landline. Unless there's some reason to keep your traditional home phone landline (maybe your alarm monitoring system is connected to it), you probably don't need to pay the extra money. Just use your cell phone instead.
  2. Go old school with a new school twist. Ask your parents or grandparents for their take on how to save money, and then adapt them to today. For example, maybe Granny always clipped coupons. You may want to try that as well, but in addition, consider all the virtual coupons now available via email and SMS text. Saving on the things you're going to buy anyway just makes sense.
  3. Lunch out, dinner at home. While nothing beats a romantic evening at a posh restaurant, changing things up a bit can significantly impact your wallet. Most restaurants' lunch menus are far more affordable.
  4. Make full use of your online access. These days, you can manage your bank accounts from virtually anywhere, so if you're leaving the grocery store after spending $85 less than you budgeted, take a moment to move that money into your savings account where it can start earning interest right away.
  5. Quit smoking if you smoke, don't start if you don't. Aside from exposing you to health risks, smoking can be a huge drain on your wallet.

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