Online Bank Accounts

Great rates and convenience are just a couple of reasons you may want to look into opening an online bank account. At Ally Bank, you can open an interest checking or savings account online in just a few minutes. Just choose the type of account you want to open, fill out some personal information, then […]


Make Your CD Savings More Secure

Combining long- and short-term Certificates of Deposit (CDs) is known as CD laddering. For example, rather than put $40,000 into a four-year CD, you might put $10,000 into four separate CDs—a one-year, an eighteen-month, a three-year and a four-year. When the first CD matures, you reinvest it in a four-year CD, repeating the process with […]


Why CDs?

As part of an overall savings plan, certificates of deposit (CDs) can be the foundation of a low-risk strategy to reach both long- and short-term goals. Simply put, CDs are savings products, not investments, although they can help you build your net worth. Sometimes people will refer to "CD returns" as a way to describe […]


3 Certificate of Deposit (CD) Terms You Should Know

Certificates of deposit (CDs) can be an important part of a solid financial portfolio, and understanding how CDs work is essential to making the most of your money. Take a look at the following terms associated with CDs. 1. Maturity Date. The maturity date is the date the term of your CD ends and you […]


CD Management: What to Keep in Mind

To a large extent, certificate of deposit (CD) management begins by determining first, what your goals are, and second, how long you can afford to put the money away. In general, CDs are used when you don't want to put your money at risk and you don't need to use it in the immediate future. […]


How a Certificate of Deposit (CD) Account Helps You Save Money

You may hear certificates of deposit, or CDs, referred to as “CD savings accounts,” even though that's not quite accurate. CDs and savings accounts are two different kinds of savings accounts. Regardless of what you call them, CDs have long been a solid way to save money and they can play an important role in […]

Savings Accounts

Create a Sound Debt Reduction & Savings Plan

No matter what's going on in the economy, it's always a good idea to minimize debt and also have enough money to support your daily expenses and lifestyle. A solid debt reduction strategy includes a savings plan. Because money market accounts offer security, flexibility and a way to earn interest on your deposits, these types […]


The Facts About CD Penalties and Minimum Deposits

What is a certificate of deposit?A certificate of deposit (CD) is a time deposit. When you open a CD, you agree that you will not withdraw the funds until the maturity date, which varies from a few months to several years after you open the account, depending on the term you choose. Once the CD […]


CD Maturity

Certificates of deposit (CDs) mature when their terms end. You'll often hear of a CD coming due, which simply means the term has ended. The length of time the CD accrues interest is the term, and CD term lengths vary from a few months to several years. Interest rates vary on different types of CDs. […]


The Impact of Checking Account Fees

In order to understand how interest-bearing checking really works to your advantage, you need to understand the fees involved. Even fairly modest checking account fees can significantly offset your interest earnings, or wipe them out altogether. "Everyone needs to watch out for fees," explains Andrew J. Feldman, president and founder of A.J. Financial in Chicago. […]