Things to Consider When You Compare Bank CD Rates

When you compare bank certificate of deposit (CD) rates, you want to be sure not to overlook anything. In addition to interest rates, be sure to take into consideration other key items, like fees, terms and cash flow. Avoid broker fees.Brokers traditionally charge a fee to do rate shopping, research and renewals for you. However, […]


Interest Checking Is Compatible With Popular Financial Planning Tools

With the wide availability of quality, hi-tech financial planning tools, it can be easy to overlook some fundamentals. For example, even with the best financial planning tools at your disposal, choosing to keep money in an interest checking account may be helpful. "In a comprehensive financial plan, there should be some cash and cash equivalents," […]

Savings Accounts

Online Savings Account That’s All About Saving Money

These days, we're all trying to make more intelligent choices when it comes to our household budgets—and being frugal is part of that. Maybe you've decided to give up your $3 cup of coffee every morning or maybe you've finally cut the cable bill out of your life. It's time to make some intelligent choices […]


About Interest-Bearing Checking Accounts

Checking account basicsFor many people, a checking account is the place where money first enters the budget. It's the hub from which money is directed to bills, expenses and savings. As an important part of your everyday money management, an interest-bearing checking account should be simple and convenient. Keep in mind the following factors as […]


Don’t Worry About CD Fees

Putting your savings into online certificates of deposit (CDs) is one way to get a higher interest rate than is available from most savings accounts while taking advantage of the convenience banking online gives you. But are there fees to open a CD account online? Ally Bank, like nearly every bank you'll find, won't charge […]


Is Managing Your Money Not Your Passion? CDs Provide “Set-It-And-Forget-It” Convenience.

What if you don't have the time or interest to devote to daily or even weekly management of your money, but still want a decent return? You might look into certificate of deposit (CD) interest rates. Certificate of deposit interest rates are secure—and so is your principal. CDs offer a low-risk way to balance your […]


Get More of Your Retirement Time Back: Compare CD Rates Online

There's never been a better time to compare certificate of deposit (CD) rates online. The variety of information and tools available make it easy to access and compare the most current rates from banks around the country. Customize your is an excellent place to compare CD rates online. The site's customizable search engine allows […]


Consider Consistent Performers When Looking at CD Interest Rates

If you're looking for a safe and predictable place to put your savings, it might make sense to look at certificates of deposit (CDs) with no minimum opening deposit. Great rates and predictable earnings CD interest rates generally are higher than those of savings or money market accounts. In addition, CD interest rates generally don't […]


Should I Choose CDs or Bonds?

As savings tools, certificates of deposit (CDs) and bonds offer different benefits. Knowing the differences can help you choose the account that best meets your financial needs. CDsA CD is a time deposit. When you open a CD, you agree that you will not withdraw the funds until the maturity date, which varies from a […]


What You Should Know Before You Compare CD Rates

Many people find that certificates of deposit, or CDs, can be a good way to reach their financial goals. CDs are generally considered low-risk places to park your money, and they usually earn interest at higher rate than savings accounts.Before opening a CD, it's a good idea to compare CD rates. After all, the higher […]