Saving money always matters. How can you use the convenience of online banking to help you save more? Often, Internet banks, or online banks, can offer some of the highest rates of return available on savings accounts, money markets and CDs because they don’t have the costs of maintaining physical branches the way traditional banks do. A good online bank account also lets you bank on your schedule and easily set up transfers and deposits while keeping track of your finances from anywhere you like.

What’s the best Internet bank account?
The best online bank depends on your own needs and financial goals and habits. But you should look for a bank that has great rates, excellent customer service, and a convenient website. Ally Bank offers rates among the most competitive available in the country, and you can open and fund our CDs, an Ally Bank Online Savings Account and our Money Market Account with any amount. Our site is easy to navigate and you get lots of convenient features with many of our accounts, like Zelle®, which makes transferring money to anyone with a bank account as easy as sending an email or a text.

Stretch Your Savings Further With Money-Saving Mobile Apps
Saving money with technology isn’t limited to online banking. Make each dollar in your budget go even further with smartphone and tablet apps. lists Gasbuddy, ShopSavvy, Grocery iQ, TheFind, and Shop Lucky (Apple only) as its 5 Best Money Saving Apps. Among other things, using these apps can cut costs at the pump and help you compare prices for everything from potato chips to running shoes. It seems new apps show up daily, so a little browsing is likely to produce additional ways to save money.

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