Secure Your Savings With a CD

With all the talk of interest rates, economic forecasts, and more, you might feel a little stuck when it comes to money. But no matter the market, one thing you can always count on is that saving is a good idea. And while they may not grab headlines, certificates of deposit (CDs) remain one of […]


Choose Your CD: 3 Steps to Finding the Perfect Fit

Certificates of deposit (CDs) used to be one-size-fits-all. (Has that ever really worked out?) Times have changed, and now you can find different types of CDs with a variety of terms tailored to your personal savings goals. With a little know-how about CDs, you can make an informed decision that works with your own terms. […]


CDs vs. Savings: Where to Age Your Money for Your Short-Term Goals

Choosing between CDs and savings accounts can be a lot like choosing a wine: It all depends on your taste and what you’re pairing it with. Like wine in your pantry, your savings balance is easier to access for immediate needs, and it can still improve significantly in 12 months, if it’s in the right […]


Are CDs Right for You? Weigh the Pros and Cons to Decide

A certificate of deposit (CD) is an easy, safe place to stash your savings and earn some interest while you’re at it. But CDs have some features that may not work for your situation. So how do you know if a CD is right for you? When you have an important decision to make, especially […]


How Risky Are Certificates of Deposit?

Life is all about balancing risks and rewards — especially when it comes to your finances. You want your money to earn interest at the highest rates, but you also want to safeguard your principal. Generally speaking, high-risk investments — like some stocks and bonds — yield higher returns than FDIC-insured bank products — like […]


Give Your Returns a Boost: How to Build a CD Ladder With the Ally Bank CD Ladder Tool

Laddering CDs (certificates of deposit) might sound complicated, but it’s a pretty simple way to help your savings perform smarter for you. With a CD ladder, you can take advantage of the higher rates generally offered by long-term CDs and still maintain regular access to your money. The basic idea is to open several CDs […]


3 Sweet Things to Know About Our No Penalty CD

Do you want to eat your cake and have it, too? Well, maybe you can—at least when it comes to savings options. If you like the fixed-rate security of certificates of deposit (CDs), but you’re worried about things like early withdrawal penalties or minimum deposit requirements, look no further. At Ally Bank, we’re used to […]


7 Ways Our Raise Your Rate CD Can Help You Boost Your Savings

Saving money in a certificate of deposit (CD) can be a smart way to keep yourself from dipping into it prematurely. It’s like putting a lock on the cookie jar to keep you from being tempted. But one catch with traditional CDs is that fixed interest rates may cause you to miss out—if CD rates […]


Earning a Reasonable Interest Rate – Savings Ins and Outs (Part 2)

The truth is, there's no need to settle for a meager annual percentage yield (APY) when it comes to savings. You can look beyond traditional banks to find rates that will put your savings to work for you. The case for savings. A savings account keeps your money at your disposal to withdraw when you […]


How to Save Money: Grow Your Money in CDs

You know saving is important, and you know you want your savings to earn a great rate. So, where do you start? You may want to check out certificates of deposit (CDs). CDs are a common way to keep your principal safe while earning interest—sometimes at a higher rate than money market or savings accounts. […]

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