Stash Your Cash: How to Build a CD Ladder [Video]

Make your cash work harder in a certificate of deposit–but not just one–ladder your deposits to help diversify your cash investments, reach your savings goals, and get a more secure bang for your buck. What Is a CD Ladder? A CD ladder is built by depositing a sum of money, equally, across multiple certificates of […]


7 Ways Our Raise Your Rate CD Can Help You Boost Your Savings

Saving money in a certificate of deposit (CD) can be a smart way to keep yourself from dipping into it prematurely. It’s like putting a lock on the cookie jar to keep you from being tempted. But one catch with traditional CDs is that fixed interest rates may cause you to miss out—if CD rates […]


How to Save Money: Grow Your Money in CDs

You know saving is important, and you know you want your savings to earn a great rate. So, where do you start? You may want to check out certificates of deposit (CDs). CDs are a common way to keep your principal safe while earning interest—sometimes at a higher rate than money market or savings accounts. […]


Earning a Reasonable Interest Rate – Savings Ins and Outs (Part 2)

The truth is, there's no need to settle for a meager annual percentage yield (APY) when it comes to savings. You can look beyond traditional banks to find rates that will put your savings to work for you. The case for savings. A savings account keeps your money at your disposal to withdraw when you […]


Planning Ahead With a CD Interest Calculator

Two of the advantages of a certificate of deposit (CD) are its predictability and its reliability. When you put money into a CD, you generally know what you will get back at the end of its term (provided you don't withdraw the balance early).But to fully understand what happens to your money, you need to […]


Keep This in Mind When Comparing CDs

What should you consider when you do a certificate of deposit comparison? Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are a fairly straightforward way to save money, but there still are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for one. For example, if you come across a CD that is offering a dramatically higher interest rate, […]


What a CD Calculator Can Tell You About Your Savings

You don't have to be a math genius to figure out how fast your money will grow in a given certificate of deposit (CD.) All you need is a good CD calculator. The Ally Bank CD calculator makes it easy for you to not just calculate growth, but also visualize the growth of your savings, […]


Certificate of Deposit (CD) Comparison: Reliable Sources and Tips

When you're considering a certificate of deposit (CD), there are a number of options, and it's important to shop around to find the right fit for your financial needs. Fortunately with a little online research, you can quickly find a variety of banks offering CDs and you can check out their websites to compare their […]


Use a CD Interest Calculator to Pick the Right CD for You

So you've accumulated some savings, and you're ready to open a certificate of deposit (CD.) Which kind of CD is best for you? That all depends on your savings goals. A website like can help you compare the rates and terms offered by several banks, and a CD interest calculator can help you figure […]


Understanding CDs

Certificates of deposit (CDs) like the ones offered by Ally Bank are savings tools that allow you to earn interest on your money over a given period of time. When you open a CD, you agree that you will not withdraw the funds until the maturity date, which varies from a few months to several […]

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