Setting Up Online Checking Accounts Is Smart, Easy

Moving your money to an interest-bearing checking account can be a smart financial choice, and if you choose the right bank, it can also be easy. Today's banking environment is far different from the one that existed just a few years ago, when opening a checking account almost always meant walking into a bank and […]


Part of Your Short-Term Financial Planning Efforts

An Ally Bank Interest Checking Account can be an effective part of your overall short-term financial planning strategy, especially if you need to access your funds with some regularity. For example, an interest checking account might be an effective way to pay for a major home renovation project in increments as the work progresses, or […]


Explore Your Options With Smart Online Shopping

An interest-bearing checking account can be a good way to make your money work for you, but there are a lot of interest checking accounts out there—with different rates, benefits and conditions. How can you find the one that makes the most sense for you? A little smart online shopping. It’s a good idea to […]


What Are the Differences Between Interest and Non-Interest Checking Accounts?

Interest checking accounts are not new, but they have become more common with the emergence of online banks. Because online banks don't have the overhead of traditional banks, they can pass the savings on to customers in the form of great rates, including interest on checking accounts. The day-to-day function of an interest checking account […]


Make Money With Everyday Funds

Although banks offer a variety of accounts and savings products, checking accounts still sit at the center of household finance for most people. Interest checking accounts are one way that families may choose to make the most of their money. If you have a healthy cash flow, you may have large balances sitting in your […]


Checking Account Security

Online checking accounts have many advantages, including easy access to your funds and great interest rates. But did you know your information at online banks can be just as secure as it is at traditional brick-and-mortar banks? You can take steps to protect yourself and prevent someone from accessing your account without your permission. As […]


Choose the Right Interest Checking Account

Everyone strives to make the most of their money in hopes of building wealth for the long-term. Those who are successful often point to a series of smart money decisions they made along the way rather than a single big break. One of those smart decisions can be opening the right interest-bearing checking account. The […]


Checking Accounts As Household Budgeting Tools

Having a few Ally Bank Interest Checking Accounts with targeted funds in them can be a useful strategy within your household budgeting tools, Holly P. Thomas, founder of the Holly P. Thomas firm in Tampa, Florida told Ally Bank. "Some people are helped by having multiple checking accounts for various purposes," she explained. As a […]


Weigh Your Checking Options

Comparing checking accounts is more complex than it used to be. Now that you can open a checking account online either at a traditional bank or with an online bank, there are more options available than ever. Compare Features, Fees and Benefits Comparing checking accounts comes down to finding the one that fits your needs. […]


What to Consider When Choosing a Checking Account

Although many people think all checking accounts are the same–they provide you with the tools you need to pay bills and shop for everyday items–they really aren’t all created equal. Choosing a checking account with the right blend of features may actually help save you money. A few things worth considering when choosing a checking […]

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