A Safe Way to Grow Your Personal Wealth

If you're like many people, the first savings account you open is your first lesson in learning how to grow your personal wealth. In recent years, the number and variety of savings accounts that banks offer have increased. But understanding why savings accounts can be a smart way to grow your personal wealth remains as […]


How to Find the Best Online Savings Account for You

Savings accounts are a good place to put money away for the future. And the Internet can be a good place to find the best online savings account for you. Online banks often pay higher interest rates than traditional brick-and-mortar banks because they don't have the overhead of maintaining physical branches. Use Web search tools […]


How to Find the Best High Interest Checking Accounts

As financial products continue to evolve, some banks now offer interest checking accounts with rates at levels comparable to traditional savings accounts. As you shop for an interest checking account, start by comparing annual percentage yields (APYs) at various banks. Then, be sure you understand the terms and features of each account you consider. Some […]


The Advantages of Interest-Bearing Checking

The money you earn on an interest-bearing checking account is only part of its benefit. An interest-bearing checking account can be a safe place to park your money when you need easy access to it and don’t want to take risks with it. Safety and stability are the important components of an interest-bearing checking account, […]


How Do I Avoid Checking Account Fees?

Some banks charge various types of fees for the checking accounts they offer. These can include monthly maintenance fees, check and debit overdraft fees, ATM fees and low balance fees, to name a few. Free checking accounts may not be all they appear to be once you find you have to meet minimum balance requirements […]


Smart Ways to Manage Your Bank Checking Account

How well do you know your checking account? To get the most out of your bank checking account, you may need to brush up on your management skills. Review the following tips to make sure your checking account is working for you. Understand bank fees. For example, do you need to maintain a minimum balance […]


Are All Bank Checking Accounts the Same?

Although finding a bank checking account with the right blend of amenities and services is important, one of the things you should consider when researching your options is the bank behind the account. Just a few of the questions that can help you make an informed decision you'll be comfortable with now and for years […]


How Interest On Checking Accounts Is Calculated

Regardless of how much it is—or even how much you keep in your account—earning interest on checking accounts is one of those fundamental financial moves that simply make sense. That is, as long as you know the features and terms of your account. Finding the Right Account for YouWhile Ally Bank offers interest on checking […]


Checking Account Basics, Part 3: Understanding Checking Account Security

Now that you've learned about Understanding Interest and Managing Your Checking Balance, it's time to sum up our series on checking account basics with a few words on the importance of checking account security. While it's hard to avoid what seems like daily news of identity theft, it's actually quite easy to reduce your risk […]


How Interest-Bearing Checking Accounts Work

Interest-bearing checking accounts allow you to earn interest on the money you use for everyday expenses. By offering the convenience of a checking account and the ability to earn interest, they provide you with a simple way to grow your money even when you may not be actively saving toward a specific goal. Although some […]

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