Checking Account Basics: Introduction

This series of articles on checking account basics is designed to help you get more from your checking account. Here’s what we’ll cover: Understanding interest Managing your checking balance Keeping your checking account safe Everyone knows a checking account is a simple way to handle everyday money needs. But are all checking accounts the same? […]


How an Online Checking Account Can Make Your Life Easy

Online checking accounts give you a convenient, 24/7 way to manage your account. You can use a variety of search tools and websites to research various accounts online and find the right online checking account for you. Once your online checking account is set up, you can write checks and use ATMs as you would […]


Checking Account Basics, Part 2: Managing Your Checking Account Balance

The Internet has changed the way many of us manage our checking account balances. The tried-and-true method of keeping a written check register can be replaced with a smartphone app or other electronic version. You may balance your checkbook online several times a month rather than waiting for the monthly statement. And while there's no […]


Interest Checking Accounts

With so many types of checking accounts available, it's not hard to find one that best suits your needs. If you primarily want to earn more interest on your funds each month, consider an interest checking account. What Is an Interest Checking Account? This type of account is similar to a savings account in that […]


Checking Account Basics, Part 1: Checking Account Interest

Earning interest whenever and wherever you can remains a solid financial strategy. That’s why you want to make sure your money isn’t “sleeping” in a non-interest bearing checking account until you’re ready to use it. Even just a few weeks between when the money is deposited and when it gets used can mean a boost […]


Smart Ways to Manage Your Bank Checking Account

How well do you know your checking account? To get the most out of your bank checking account, you may need to brush up on your management skills. Review the following tips to make sure your checking account is working for you. Understand bank fees. For example, do you need to maintain a minimum balance […]


Check Into Online Checking

When you are deciding which online checking account is right for you, there are a number of factors to consider, including whether the bank offers interest checking accounts, how competitive the interest rates are, and which features they offer to help you manage your account. Online banks like Ally Bank can be a refreshing change […]

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