Just as there are many reasons to use a money market or savings account to achieve your financial goals, there also are plenty of different ways to make your decision about where to open your account. Most people start by looking for a great interest rate. But interest rates are not the only factor to consider. Other features include:

  • Bank location: Once upon a time, people chose a bank simply because it was nearby. Today, online banking—whether with an online bank such as Ally Bank or a traditional bank that offers online access—offers not only the convenience of paying your bills from home, but also gives you 24/7 access to your accounts.
  • Familiarity: Often, opening an account in a bank where you already have an established account appeals to people. And many people like to have a money-market or savings account at the same bank where they also have a checking account—potentially making transfers easier.

At Ally Bank, you’ll earn a competitive rate of interest—one that’s consistently among the most competitive in the country according to Bankrate.com, in fact. And you won’t pay a monthly maintenance fee, period.

Learn more at Allybank.com or call live, 24/7 customer care at 877-247-ALLY (2559).

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