For obvious reasons, online banking security is important, both to you as a customer and to online banks like Ally Bank. The convenience of online banking can only be enjoyed when the technology we use to facilitate the process creates secure banking solutions for everyone involved.

When we talked to banking experts about the subject of online banking security, they pointed out that every day, many millions of people happily shop online, using either credit cards or some other form of electronic payment. And millions more move money around to pay bills or manage other accounts—all through secure banking solutions—and all without any problems.

So online banking security isn't just about your password. It's also about where you access the Internet and your regular online habits. On many banking sites, you'll see measures like personal questions the site asks to confirm your identity. If your account gets used by somebody without your authorization, most banks have processes in place to process your claim.

At Ally Bank, if you see unauthorized transactions on your account and you report them within 60 days from the date transmittal of statement where unauthorized electronic transfer appears, you may not be liable for all or a part of those transactions. When it comes to online banking security, we take deliberate steps to provide you with a safe, secure online banking platform so that you can enjoy the benefits of our online products, like the Ally Bank Interest Checking, the Ally Bank Online Savings Account, CDs and Money Market Accounts.

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