Is an SEP IRA Right for Me?

Saving for your future isn't optional. But when it comes to how you save, there are plenty of options. While most people include an individual retirement account (IRA) among their retirement savings tools, not all IRAs are created equal. One valuable IRA option for small businesses and people who are self-employed, is the SEP (Simplified […]


Retiring Smart: Know the IRA Withdrawal Rules

When you open and contribute to an individual retirement account (IRA), you're putting money away for the future. But the future can come more quickly than you expect. It’s smart to understand the rules for taking money out of your IRA when the time comes. IRA withdrawal basics: With a traditional IRA, you are allowed […]


Retirement Planning Is a Process, Not an Event (part 2 of 3): Know Your Roth IRA Limits

Once you've made the commitment to start saving for retirement—whether it's with a traditional or Roth IRA, a 401(k), or some other plan—it's important to revisit retirement questions periodically, to make sure your plans are still on track and your money is in the right types of accounts. "People always find time to go to […]


Retirement Planning Is a Process, Not an Event (part 3 of 3) Learn the Roth IRA Rules

Putting together a sturdy retirement plan requires making and then challenging many assumptions about the future. The younger you are, the more abstract those assumptions can seem: For a 30-year-old, predicting what the tax rate might be in 40 years can be daunting. But understanding some basic traditional and Roth IRA rules can help you […]


What Do I Need to Know to Make a Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA Choice?

When it comes to getting an early, smart start on retirement planning, the discussions often include considering a Roth IRA vs. a traditional IRA. Both can be great ways to save for retirement. But there are some key differences between the two offerings, as the table below shows. Traditional IRA Roth IRA How It Works […]


Weighing Your Retirement Options With a Roth IRA Calculator

Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are a widely used way to put money away for retirement. There are a variety of IRA options. A Roth IRA, for one, lets you grow your savings without paying taxes on the money you earn when you withdraw it in retirement. But a Roth IRA is just one of a […]


Protecting Wealth in Retirement With a Roth IRA CD

Traditional and Roth IRAs are both individual retirement accounts (IRAs) that can help you save and grow money for retirement. There are, however, key differences between a traditional and a Roth IRA. Understanding these differences can help you decide which account is best for your financial plan. TaxesFor many people, the key difference between a […]


4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Roth vs. Traditional IRA

For almost anyone planning or building a retirement portfolio with an individual retirement account (IRA), the question comes up sooner or later: "Roth vs. traditional IRA—which one should I choose?" The decision likely will depend on the answers to the following questions. How old are you?For both Roth and traditional IRAs, your maximum annual contribution […]


If Roth IRA Income Limits Change, Are You Prepared?

If you have a Roth IRA, or if you're preparing to open one, it's important to review Roth IRA income limits. Federal law prohibits individuals who make more than the income limit from contributing fully to a Roth IRA. Knowing the current Roth IRA income limits can help you decide if a Roth IRA is […]


Are You the Right Individual for an Individual Retirement Account?

You've certainly heard about IRAs (individual retirement accounts). But have you had a nagging feeling that you should learn more about them? The truth about IRAs is there's no reason to be intimidated and there are plenty of reasons to get started today. With an IRA, your earnings accumulate tax-free, increasing the already beneficial effect […]

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