Online Banking

Are Online Banks Safe? 5 Security Tips for Banking Online

In recent years, I’ve seen online banking become more and more popular because it’s convenient, user-friendly and intuitive. So many folks are switching from ATM deposits to mobile check deposits and from checkbooks to easy-to-use apps that allow them to check their balance or even use their phone to make payments. But with cyberattacks on […]

Online Banking

How To Put Your Money to Work While You Vacay

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean your money should be. With a little prior planning and a lot of automation, here’s how you can make your money work hard for you while you’re hardly workin’. Set up direct deposits to savings On PTO? Make sure your money still hits your savings account. Rather than […]

Online Banking

Your Ally Checklist: Everything You Need to Open a Bank Account

Whether you’re opening a bank account at a digital-only bank or with a financial institution that has physical branches, today’s technology has streamlined the process — reducing it to mere minutes. Being ready with the right information (and a few important documents on hand, should additional confirmation be required), you’ll be equipped to open a […]

Online Banking

Sent With a Click: How to Transfer Money

With online banking, mobile banking apps, and more, transferring money between your bank accounts at different financial institutions is now easier than ever. Whether you prefer the quickness and reliability of an online transfer, or the traditional nature of a paper check, there are a number of options to make transferring money a breeze in […]

Online Banking

How to Open an Online Bank Account

Are you ready for a more flexible and accessible banking experience? One where you can manage your money straight from a mobile banking app on your phone? Convenience is just one reason you might look into opening an online bank account — not to mention great rates, helpful tools, and more. No need to worry […]

Online Banking

Breaking Up: How to Close a Bank Account

Breaking up with your bank can be hard to do. After all, you’ve been through so much together — lost debit cards, new loans, a mortgage — that you’ve never bothered think about how to close a bank account. But now you found someone new (maybe you met them online?) who’s got better interest rates, fewer fees, […]

Online Banking

What Is a Trust? 5 Things to Know Before You Get Started

Trusts have long been thought of as an inheritance tool meant only for the super wealthy, thanks to the “trust-fund baby” stereotype in Hollywood movies. But, you don’t have to be a Hilton, Kardashian, or Richie Rich’s parents to set up a Trust. Anyone who wants to leave precise instructions on how their assets should […]

Online Banking

You Use Online Reviews for Everything. So Why Not for the Best Place to Keep Your Money?

You’ll quiz friends, family, and social media followers about whether the new iPhone is worth it. And you’ll deal with a grumbling stomach while scrolling through Yelp reviews in order to find the best burrito, Chinese takeout, or BBQ. But when it comes to choosing where to store your cold, hard cash, those investigative skills […]

Online Banking

What Compound Interest Means for Your Savings

Remember that old movie line, “I wish I had a dime for every dime I had”? Whether you’re adding money to a high-yield savings account or socking it away in a certificate of deposit (CD), you want it to grow. That’s where compound interest comes in. It’s a simple—yet powerful—tool for making your dollars and […]

Online Banking

Don’t Settle for Less: 5 Signs It’s Time to Break Up With Your Bank

As the song goes, “breaking up is hard to do.” That’s true whether it’s a relationship with someone you love, your hair stylist, or even your bank. And it’s even harder when the relationship isn’t bad, per se, but rather, could just be better in certain aspects. You’re probably satisfied with some of the things […]

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