Deciding between the benefits of a savings account vs. money market account is easier if you know what your savings needs are first. With that in mind, it's a simple matter of knowing the differences between the two types of accounts and choosing the one that fits your needs best.

Regular savings accounts are easy to open and, when you choose an online bank like Ally Bank, you tend to get interest rates that are more competitive than brick-and-mortar counterparts, according to Additionally, as a member of the FDIC, Ally Bank gives you peace of mind knowing that the money in your Ally Bank Online Savings Account is insured to the maximum allowed by the law.

Money market accounts are easy to open, too. And again, online banks may offer better rates than traditional banks. Generally, you have a bit more flexibility of access with a money market account than you do with a savings account. You can access funds in your Ally Bank Money Market Account through electronic fund transfers, checks, debit cards and ATM withdrawals. With savings accounts, your access is limited to electronic funds transfers or telephone withdrawals (and in-person withdrawals at traditional banks). Both types of accounts are subject to federal transaction limits.

From our Online Savings Account and Money Market Account to our full line of CDs and more, Ally Bank is committed to making banking with us as easy, secure and rewarding as it can be. Explore your options by visiting or call live, 24/7 customer care at 877-247-ALLY (2559) today.

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