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Kick-start your savings plan this fall

As summer turns to fall, the weather may be cooling down, but your spending might be warming up. American families with school-aged kids plan to spend $864 on back-to-school supplies this year, up $15 from last year. Compared to 2019, shoppers are expected to dole out $168 more on average, for a whopping $37 billion […]

Savings Accounts

Two Homes, What Now? Moving in Together When You Both Own a Home

Moving in together is a big step in any relationship. There’s a lot to consider as you merge your living spaces (and your lives!) — where to live, when to move, whose furniture to keep. But what happens when you both already own a home? Big conversations—especially about finances—can feel complicated when it comes to […]

Savings Accounts

Planes, Trains, Automobiles and More: Picking the Perfect Transportation for Your Vacation

As the saying goes, it’s all about the journey, not the destination. And if you’ve ever planned a vacation, you know determining how you’ll make that journey is pretty important. Will you be boarding a flight, road tripping or an option less-traveled? By thinking outside of the box, you can save money and make for […]

Savings Accounts

Buckets and Boosters: Make Your Money Perform Smarter Than Ever With Smart Savings Tools

Everyone knows that saving money is essential — you know about the all-important rainy-day fund, a vacation fund, and the many, many types of accounts targeting different goals. But when it comes to creating a plan for your goals, managing your money, and actually building the savings — well, let’s just say it’s easier said than […]

Savings Accounts

Best Kids’ Savings Accounts

Saving: It’s one of the most important money lessons kids can learn, right? But once you’ve taught your kids to set aside part of their allowances, what do you do next? How do you teach online banking to little ones? You may want to consider opening a savings account to unload their bursting piggy banks. […]

Savings Accounts

Set Financial Goals for Your Important Life Moments

You have big hopes and exciting dreams for your life, from throwing a memorable wedding, furnishing your dream home, or financing a new car. An important step to achieving these special moments is simple, really: Setting concrete goals. Financial goal setting doesn’t have to be overcomplicated — here’s how you can do it yourself and […]

Savings Accounts

Your Fundamental Guide to Emergency Fund Savings

While you can’t plan for every possible “what if,” you can put your best financial foot forward and be prepared, should an unexpected occasion arise. That’s where an emergency fund comes in: to protect you when unanticipated costs come a-knocking. So you’re ready, we’ve assembled a quick overview of all things emergency fund — what […]

Savings Accounts

Checking vs. Savings Accounts: What’s the Difference

Putting your paycheck in a jar that sits on your shelf isn’t feasible when your earnings increase beyond birthday gift money and weekly chore allowance. At that point you’ll need a bank account. That being so, let’s take a look at two common options: checking account vs. savings account. Learn the different purposes of checking […]

Savings Accounts

Savings Interest Calculator: See How Much You’re Earning

When you’re considering opening a savings account (or even after you already have one), making sense of interest rates can be a little confusing. While it may be clear that savings accounts are a secure method to earn a little interest without the risk, calculating how much you’re earning isn’t an easy equation. Our easy-to-use […]

Savings Accounts

How to Start an Emergency Fund, Even If You Think You Can’t

If you’ve made it to this blog post, congrats! You’re already taking the first step in building your emergency fund. Starting can be the hardest part of achieving any goal, but it can feel even more difficult if you don’t know where to begin or feel stretched thin when it comes to your finances. While […]

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