Savings Accounts

Opening a Savings Account

Opening a savings account can be a good financial decision. It provides you with a secure place to store your money for emergencies, future purchases or even retirement. Plus, savings accounts typically accrue interest over time. And if you open an online savings account like the one offered by Ally Bank, your interest rates may […]

Savings Accounts

Start Saving Money to Secure Your Financial Future

As a savings tool, compound interest is powerful. That’s because not only does it allow you to earn interest on your principal, but it also lets you earn interest on all the interest you’ve accumulated. So the earlier in life you start saving money, the more you can grow your savings. Your first step in […]

Savings Accounts

Savings Account: Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Have One

You might ask yourself, “Why have a savings account?” when there are so many financial options today. Savings accounts are a solid addition to your portfolio for many reasons. With a savings account, you can: 1. Save for the future.Having a healthy savings account is a good foundation for any financial plan. You can accumulate […]

Savings Accounts

Savings Accounts and Interest Rates

Why save money in a savings account? A savings account is simply a bank account that secures your money and usually pays interest on the funds in the account. A savings account is generally considered a safe place to grow your money. Deposits in your savings accounts at member-FDIC banks are insured by the Federal […]

Savings Accounts

The Money Market Account Advantage

No matter what's going on in the economy, money market accounts (MMAs) provide you with a sound choice when you want to earn a great interest rate and still have access to your funds. It's important to note that money market accounts (MMAs), offered by banks, are different from money market funds (MMFs), offered by […]

Savings Accounts

Why Choose Money Market Accounts for Saving?

There are a number of advantages to an Ally Bank Money Market account. For starters, you can earn a great rate on your money while still having access to it when you really need it. Other features and benefits include: No minimum balance to open and no monthly maintenance fees. Deposits insured by the Federal […]

Savings Accounts

Why Money Market Accounts Make Sense Now

Everyone can use a secure place to put money for a vacation fund, recurring expenses, a down payment on a car, unexpected expenses, and so on. The best option for this kind of account is one that pays interest, but is easy to use and provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing your […]

Savings Accounts

Family Saving, Part 2: A Mom’s Guide to Saving

If you're a mom, you know better than anyone that running a household is a lot like running a business. In addition to managing all the “employees,” you're often called upon to help keep household costs down the same way you would with a business. With all that in mind, we've gathered these three basic […]

Savings Accounts

What’s the Appeal of an Ally Bank Money Market Account?

Whether you're looking for ways to reach short- or long-term savings goals, researching money market interest rates is a smart move. We talked to Dylan Ross, a certified financial planner in Burlington, New Jersey, about why he recommends the Ally Bank Money Market account to clients. The Ally Bank Money Market account, he says, offers […]

Savings Accounts

Types of Savings Accounts for Certain Phases of Life

Savings accounts can be an important part of your plans for saving toward a short- or long-term goal or even building a nest egg for retirement. These accounts are not only secure, they can be adapted to your needs as your goals change over time.The overall goal of savings accounts is to grow savings securely. […]

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